lavvyLavvy Levan
Change EP
Friday Fox Recordings

Friday Fox Recordings deliver another Disco infused set of vibrant productions from the mind of the enigma that is Lavvy Levan. And yet again this adds a muscular hit of juice for your mind, body and most powerfully for the soul. The irresistibly funky ‘Change’ kicks things off with a classic slice of the genre pumped out across feverish beats and a timely vocal. ‘Hurt’ follows with a more introspective groove contrasting the title track perfectly with its yearning, delicate vocals. ‘Mess’ meanwhile takes a different angle with wonky keyboards fuelling tougher drums and Dub attitude. Which sees the standout track for me, ‘Peace’ deliver a combination of all of the above with punchy tribal drum hits accompanied by warm, soulful rushes of instrumentation and words informed with a reassuring message in dark times.

Release: December 5


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