rekids_98_julz-jordan-fields_pfade_neu_digital_1D’julz vs Jordan Fields
Battle Of The Deejay’s

The excellent Rekids again throw the rule book out with this excellent collection of four new House numbers from the two artists. The Kick drums and then the deep bass that announce the arrival of the formers Shy Town are so typically impressive that you’re immediately captured and enveloped by the tough yet inclusive sounds that hit you. Of course, this being D’julz means you also get that added extra, which in this case is delicately framed piano squeezing out the emotional pips to breaking point. The equally quality In Your Soul, follows in a deeper vein with its creative use of percussive sounds feeling even more than right. Jordan Fields then delivers two great tracks which both ignite your passion for fizzy electronics as they course through the veins of the production aided and abetted by tough beats and basslines in the shape of: Videoflash plus the delicious Acid attitude of Mformation.

Release: December 9

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