Like any music it sometimes seems all the more significant when it exits outside of its given location. In this case Pezzner’s exquisitely crafted Evelyn sounds just as informed and just as impactful on or off the dancefloor. The gentle yet brilliant rush of melancholy is deftly underpinned by nervous percussion and offset by delicate piano notes. All of which are then transported through the prism of twisted vocal lines and generally oddball sounds to cumulate in an altogether more rewarding listening experience. The Redux version alters the emphasis on the drums and elements creating another first-rate piece of music. While, Dance Spirit inevitably remix with a splash of charm across sizzling, inspired electronics on their 23rd Dimension Mix. Contrasted by the DoubtingThomas Constructive Reconstruction which eases it all down to a most relaxed tempo feeling all the more delicious for it too.

Release: December 5


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