Afterlife – All I Wanted – Subatomic

Maybe it’s time to reappraise the words Chill-Out. Ambient or ambience is a tangible thing but listening to the powerful low-end on All I Wanted there is a undeniably tough, animated feel to the track underpinned by a sensory overload of emotional trigger points in the form of expanding, echoing voices and heart erupting keys. The jazz and techno references of One Fine Day also provoke and evoke rather than relax sentiments, negating senses. Could it therefore be said the music presented on the EP is collectively more about vitality rather than chilling out. That said and this being Afterlife the rush of waves against the shoreline prove all too irresistible on Bufo, although again this is about music firing up hot rhythms plus subsequent synthesizers with definite vigour. The outstanding Big Ship continues the theme as Acid undertones drive forwards into a welcome oblivion complimented by brisk drums and a dark, warning rumble. Of course, this is all par excellence. Stimulating, future…thinking. Music for the cause.


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