Afterlife – Mother Nature Land – Subatomic

Attention to detail. Attention to life. Afterlife continue a ceaseless soundtracking of the seasons with this latest collection which as the title states is a timely reminder of the importance of the source. Mother Nature Land pulses with strident drums and an almighty blast of heavenly persuasion in the form of cool chords, sweet strings and vocodered voices. Beautiful. James Bright’s excellent reworking of Rising Up follows criss-crossing the boundaries of breaks and Balearic most wonderfully, arriving packed full of rich heart-warming melodic exchanges.

The intensely primed Unity Gain plunges your circuitry inside a web of sonic fusion next combing elements of techno, bliss and pure liquid funk. Leaving the cool combination of Café del Mar resident, Ken Fan and Afterlife to serve up the ultra-smooth Ibango Dub featuring the most notable percussionist Trace Harris, a key inspiration behind the Ibiza collective Ibango Tribe, who together provide a crescendo of rhythmic paradise while seeking out a never-ending high.


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