Afterlife – Red Moon – Subatomic

Once upon a time you might smoke something. Today, maybe you look up at the blue, sunshine sky to get your satisfaction. Either way this tranquil, yet probing set of music plugs neatly into the lineage of sublime, chilled music that you can all too easily apply the imaginary word Ibiza too. Red Moon sees a collaboration between Afterlife, Lenny Ibizarre and James Bright on three of the productions as the title track gets frisky with a series of punchy rhythms, while Earth Rise hits you with a rush string infused richness, high on atmosphere and life. The particuarily excellent Left Bank is the most up-tempo and energised number of the three, feeling suitably refreshed via the thump of four on the floor kick drums alongside a heady swirl of effects, vocals and melodic musicality. The System then sees a solo Afterlife expand reverberating sounds deep into the horizon as the pluck and twang of reggae influenced sounds sound magnificently invigorating all over again.


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