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The soaring elevation of Venus Loop Revisité which begins this album from Arno Vancolen is a statement of intent. The blur of fuzzy guitar, throbbing drums alongside the chiming, repetition of keys all capture your thought processes in exhilarating ways. The pulse of memory is then revisited on the retrospective rhythms of Theme 4 which again devastates via its use of intense, provocative instrumentation. Long playing notable music should also be about contrast and the sublime Itta plunges depths in searching, probing ways as does the equally engrossing, lonely strum of the title track itself. The compelling positivity of Dances references 1970’s minimalism in perfect ways sketching the word smile upon your face. Leaving the completing motorik beat of Theme 3 to ingrain the sensation into your consciousness filling the void with an imaginative reflection of the past.

Release: November 13


Created by French artist, Julien Brunet:

The Forgotten · Arno Vancolen – Saturn Studio [EPM Music]
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