Calibre – Cinamin / Samba – Mystic Arts

Launching, Mystic Arts the new label from Belfast’s Chris Frieze promises great things if number 001 is anything to go by. Cinamin, catches the attention immediately because it plays in a distinctive class of its own joining dots between soul, melody and (virtually) an instrumental bliss. The production has got that heavy-duty, feel-good factor as captivating, rhythmic stabs undulate in seductive motion contrasted by more subtle synth lines adding haunting textures to the stereo field, meanwhile the loose shuffle of drums almost seem secondary but are very far from it. You could easily say, quietly anthemic, powerfully intentional. Then, Samba digs deeper into more soulful territory with a grainy eighties percussion loop driving rigorous bass and hot keys together along the course of another emotionally engaging arrangement of timeless sounds that prove to be just as excellent.

Release: February 10

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