New York Dolls – Personality Crisis: Live Recordings & Studio Demos 1972-1975 – Cherry Red Records

This isn’t about nostalgia. It’s history. The New York Dolls sleazy, excitable spirit of Rock n Roll is transmitted directly through time, right now, to your volume control. Play it loud, turn down the lights and swig at something to get you tuned in to their way of thinking. Glad to report that the trashy, breathy beauty of it all remains resolute, conveying precisely the same feeling emanating from the city that informed them then as now. The very one that was inspired by what went before and then helped shape the future, blasting the way forwards. Music works by causing a reaction and the Dolls cause all sorts of reactions – not all them pretty. However, this hugely wonderful boxset highlights their youthful zest for life grabbing and shaking it to the very foundations. It’s a collection of studio recordings starting in June 1972 that predate their debut and follow-up album for Mercury Records capturing a rawer, more real experience than perhaps those ever did. Add to that a number live performances from 1973 to 1975 and you’re all geared-up, ready to go. Accompanying it all are inspiring sleeve notes by David Wells which include some great photographs, while also detailing the New York Dolls roller-coaster ride of up’s and downs. An essential in every way.

Release: April 27


Sergie Rezza – SRR002 – Sergie Rezza Records

The power of music never ceases to amaze or transform the simple everyday into something else entirely more inspiring. And that’s the feeling captured from the first number of this five track release from DJ Deep and Roman Poncet. Envole, opens its arms to you care off a succession of finely tuned percussive rhythms, and late-night Jazzy warmth which soon has you wanting more. The haunting, exciting ambience of Eclipse follows suit, as the exotic essence of the drum driven Le Reveil happens next. The more playful Jazz of Max and then the awe-inspiring atmosphere’s of Procession end this first rate release of sound, movement and conversation.

Release: May 1


various artists – 18.1- Plant 74

Of course, Plant 74 feels like a return to nature in contrast. Not so much organically but certainly in an emotionally honest sense. This collection of five tracks from five artists begins with Sapurra’s brutal realisation in Somnambulant which delivers hard on floor kicks plus bass alongside tense atmosphere’s generated via waves of smoky synths. Koett’s ultra-hot Space Invaders brims with Acid excitement and whirring bass next, as the excellent Can’t Control by Denis Shubin fills the stereo expanse with life-affirming pads and yearning vocals. Peter Lankton’s Dub One then adds a grainer resolution to his production fussing compelling moods together with shuffling drums and melodic punctuation. Leaving the undulating funkiness of Rawman & Inga! Breath to complete this cool collection of music with minimal, repeating rushes of emotionally charged notes to heighten satisfaction.

Release: April 25


Sandy Rivera – How I Feel – deepvisionz

Time flies. Or at least it feels that way. Ever since the gorgeous Fall For You hit the airwaves back in 2013 I’ve been waiting for something as perfectly formed to arrive. And once again its April Morgan’s beautiful, heart-warming vocals that set the fires alight, although of course Sandy Rivera’s tastefully crafted beats plus richly, soulful chords are all an essential part of the equation too! Put it this way. You can sense that warm glow of sunshine rising across your face when you listen. It’s good to hear a song like this again.

Release: May 4


Delicate Droids – Walk of Shame – Superfreq

Ouch. When the bassline is played on the delightfully titled Where Are My Panties you just know you’re in for trouble. Following up from their debut release all the way back in 2015 Delicate Droids have no shortage when it comes to brilliant titles for tracks. But more on that later. The missing item(s) cleverly has an array of distraught synthesized electronics all jamming together over insistent drums, leaving your mind in a pleasurable disarray of sound. Then, The Room Is Spinning creates an aptly unsettling sequence of events that result in something you will need to hear all for yourself. The self-explanatory I Peed In Your Boot leaves its own indelible impression via twisted Detroit bass and accompanying undulating synth lines which are uncompromisingly sizzling, fusing a strange sense of melody together over nine plus minutes. Excellence.

Release: May 11



Creatures Of Shaun – Mind Over Matters EP – Visionquest

The third release from the label I’ve reviewed in as many weeks sparks the reoccuring thought that Visonquest remains an essentially important imprint to the fabric of club culture. Not least of all because they unleash music such as this defiantly futuristic number. Creatures Of Habit are in reality Shaun Reeves, Maher Daniel and Amir Javasoul and the title track they have created asks probing, mind enhancing questions while delivering taught, tense bass amid deliberately electro drums plus an intensely invigorating selection of keys and punctuating sounds. Cumulating at two thirds via a heart-warming rush of emotive pads. Blink, occurs next creating a darker impression as nervy synthesizers wriggle over brutal beats, leaving Out Of Orbit to complete with rumbling bass aimed at pointed drums feeling stripped down yet fully formed.

Release: April 20


youANDme feat. Heidi – Orange Skin EP – Gruuv

Behind schedule. But bang on time. I’m reviewing this latest gem from youANDme post release simply because life doesn’t always allow for being precise. Though never mind that, it sounds as vibrant last week as it does this and will no doubt continue to do so ad infinitum. Stare at the artwork. Does it remind you of anyone? Or is that just me. Raw, loose fitting drums add fuel to the fire as throbbing bass plus gritty stabs ignite what is essentially first- rate, audibly fiery House Music on Common. Audiojack supply the remix which feels that bit more energised reworking the elements into a differing and very satisfying conclusion. Meanwhile, Orange Loop sees Heidi enter the frame as tough edged rhythms are underpinned by tribal flavoured beats plus suitably atmospheric keys, again adding grit and grain to the sequential electronics.

Release: April 6


thOr – Decay EP – Thule Records

Engage. Insanity Dub rushes over you like turbulent water. Cleansing yet energising. Felling like a hint of Disco is buried in there somewhere, not quite revealing itself, but leaving the impression it once happened. Looped, rigorous and defiantly funky the excellent track also captures a sense of striving, gliding ever forwards. Next, Rusty Flashback sinks deeper with melodic traces amid Detroit pulses, while Garden of Corrosion adds smoky Dub sensibilities into the equation. The curious Pepper Jones ends via shimmering, undulating stabs echoing into the beyond on this fine release.

Release: April 9


Nehuen – I Love Acid 18 – I Love Acid

Number 18 from I Love Acid has Argentinian producer Nehuen inject a whole heap of attitude into the genre with four equally invigorating productions vying for your excitable attention. The apocalyptic, Not For Me begins with incendiary Acid simmering over brutal beats and feverish (most expertly programmed) hi-hats. Next, Shadow Aspect adds a darker atmosphere to the sequence as gritty sounds are offset by sleazy melodies, although the intense reality of Wake Up Luis Ricardo makes the previous almost pale into the ether. Can’t quite get past that experience either. However, finally Negative Mindset digs a funkier Chicago flavoured groove to end another uniquely distinctive set of sounds from the label. As per there are only 303 hand-numbered and stamped pieces of vinyl available….



Cosmic Sans – Ounce – U-Man Records

Cool release of sound from the French label combining a playful sense of summer alongside a jazzy free-thinking arrangement that keeps you guessing on the title track. Loose rhythms are punctuated by melodic basslines and hints of voice as shuffling drums breezily gather up the intention. Three first-rate remixes follow beginning with Al Bradley’s warmly resonating 3am Deep Trip which sees stereo enhanced percussion sizzle as deeper notation builds in rippling, expressive layers. Manuel Costela’s friskier drum breaks then proceed to lift the emphasis on the voice-like qualities, leaving Josh Marko to end on a more robust reworking that reaches out resolutely for the dancefloor.

Release: Traxsource April 17

General: May 1