Spencer Parker – New Works Volume One – Work Them Records

Put simply. Unequivocally. Without shadow of doubt. Spencer Parker delivers the kind of explosive music with Babeh babeh babeh babeh that makes you want to find yourself on a 1990’s dancefloor, although let’s hope that can be replicated safely and soon. The drums are unmistakably robust, dirty in grainy ways that define the beauty of analogue as organ stabs alongside the flush of human voice adds a tender, soulful quality to the otherwise brutal nature of it all. I’m in this (until I die) then delivers a jazzier, more playful flavour as meandering basslines and scat-like vocals twist and turn to complete more celebratory excellence.

Release: June 5



Last Magpie – Kissing Stones – Me Me Me

Within moments Feelings From The Depth Of My Soul seems like home. Strange the way music has the power to do that sometimes but the layering of sparse keys is done so well it becomes a comfortable place to find yourself. The breadth of the album suggests a lost and found yearning which encompasses both a haunting melancholy but also an understated delight that things can occur in unexpected ways. The sumptuous bass and re-assuring swirls and drums of Esmarelda are a case in point, floating across the sea of stereo, while the proceeding Redemption gets tougher in turn. The soundtrack then unfolds playing with moods, rhythms and intensity such as on the percussive and spectacular 42ha252. Looping, soon resolves that unease via sequences of chiming notation, leaving the wonderfully titled The Space Between Words time to explore that very subject in searing, soaring ways.

Release: June 15



J Majik – Always Be – J Majik/Infrared Records

Listening to music should never be a boring experience. Just like dancing to it, talking or for that matter writing about it. The title track from this new long player from J Majik sounds like all the rich intensity of jazz’s shining star has been fuelled into the drum programing. That spine-tingling pleasure courses throughout the rest of the album as heights are reached for, thoughts are ignited and sounds twisted in search of the answer posed by the cover art. The ideas which playfully fuse past, present and future expectation are all equally hot-headed with touches of everything from funk to cinematic atmospheres. Try the contrast of Holographic for a beat free taste of pure notation, or the four on the floor drums of Life Force along with the warm glow of the Detroit styled Sunkiss for variations on themes. Leaving the not surprisingly pacey Velocity to end, although in ways it’s the exploration charted via the breakdowns which reveal even more about the artist’s expansive mind-set.

Release: June 5

Buy https://infraredrecords.bandcamp.com




Nodo & Mule (ARG) – Amistad EP – Loot Recordings

All sorts of words collide to describe this exploration into sound which sits so comfortably upon the Loot imprint. Amistad itself dives headlong into the sort of smouldering melancholy that befits these times as charged, throbbing beats and bass are tastefully complimented by gorgeously rich piano. Its simplicity is its sheer strength, no real words required – in this case. Followed by an uplift care of Ambar which again programmes engaging drums and keys to tell the story, contrasted by a tougher more vigorous Viktop remix. Next, Azahar fizzes with expectation as crunchy percussion excites the nervous system with probing notes sparking a further sense of beauty. Lucefora’s Into The Wild Remix then elevates the originals essence into something even more heavenly, via a breathless intensity.

Release: May 29


Braxton – Chiaroscuro / Torn – Anjunadeep

Sitting on the right side of Bliss this undeniably hot production from Braxton plays with the sort of emotions which are only truly defined by the heat of summer rays. Chiaroscuro is timeless, almost flawless as it exudes sweet, funky rhythms amid soaring melodies, added too by the tempting intensity of soulfully charged vocals. Complimented by the unfolding combinations of keys alongside open-ended bass, pulsating stabs and percussion of Torn then proves to be another first-rate piece of music highlighting a life of its own as the strings hit, then voices breathe.

Release: May 20

listen / buy https://anjunadeep.ffm.to/chto.ofp

https://anjunadeep.com https://www.instagram.com/braxtonsound


Holy Hive – Float Back To You – Big Crown Records

The first word that came to mind when listening to the opening number, Broom was coincidently, swoon. Funny as I’m not always a fan of falsetto but in this case, aided by the sumptuous instrumentation, it’s all too tempting not to love wholeheartedly. The album continues apace with more of that easy-swing informing the music as carefree melodies and atmospheres drift across the horizon of genuinely, soulfully rich songs. A blessing in days when such things don’t always ring true. However, there’s just something about this album. You can hear the echoes of their influences traversing throughout and yet there is also a compelling sense of hearts on sleeves amid the very personal nature of the music which cuts through time, as all worthwhile things should do. Try, Oh I Miss Her So below plus the aforementioned class of Broom to soak up exactly what I mean…

Release: May 29

Pre-order https://bigcrownrecords.com/store/float-back-to-you



Flip Fantazia – The Trip – Ellon Music

This is the second important album I’ve had the opportunity to encounter this week. Consequential because it is music such as this which delves deep into your psyche scanning memory, thoughts and experience. Flip Fantazia is a new joint venture between Douglas Horner & Tim Belcher and it feels like all the care and attention of detail has been fed into the making of this album. At this point I’m loathed to describe too much about The Trip, though the title may do that for me, apart from hinting at the worldly-wise array of styles competing for your attention from jazz to funk to more ambient flavours, plus an abundance of very fine drumming. I guess there are plenty of reminisces generated when listening to this as it very much feels live, while an ever expanding array of ideas informs an almost cinematic expanse. Try the gorgeous Protect & Serve with Ursula Rucker on vocal for a blast of sumptuous delight. Or the haunting beauty of the drum fuelled Hombre which opens the album. You may already recognise the voice.

Release: May 29

Pre-order https://flipfantazia.bandcamp.com



SHADED – Mad Stacks – Hot Creations

When records are this hot
SHADED – Mad Stacks: all the clues you need are defined by those words. The music revolves around the twisted temptation of devilishly effected vocals, which really only serve one purpose. While the drums pulse with an electronic intensity (seldom seen) as the bass pumps and grinds in dangerous ways. Apart from that it’s all rather beautifully sleazy and sizzling Acid intention is never far from the surface either. Demuir’s Playboy Remix then sequences the sort of Disco you would definitely like to be at – no soft harmony, just slung low and heavy duty – with biting bass, banging beats and handclaps all getting wildly frisky.

Release: May 22




Emotional Ty – Roses and Aliens – EMTY

We all love the swirl of elegance ingrained within deep-pads don’t we. The probing Mountains & Rivers which opens out this release via vibrant refrains poses questions while offering possibilities, unassuming yet powerfully poignant and emotionally rich, delivers an abundance of them. That plus a fiery array of drums and throbbing low-end bass. The title track follows suit with further exploration of matters deep as punchy drums accompany warm keys, next the stripped down Body Meridian compliments with strange out-there notation. Finally the self-explanatory Edge Of The Horizon seeks new visions with suggestive, fluttering melodies flying free to complete.

Release: May 25



Enzo Siragusa & Michael James – Weird Things EP – FUSE

I’m sure by now you have fully tuned into the FUSE sound. If not then this latest from the label sees Enzo Siragusa & Michael James do weird things in exciting ways that never fall below par excellence. Three equally demanding pieces of music pick apart the seams with fiery drums, probing basslines and the occasional questioning of reality. Beginning with Abduction and its succession of brisk snares plus chiming, synthesized intensity striking at the heart of originality. Next, Fizical feels even more urgent, like it needs to be somewhere in a rush. Leaving the suggestive warmth of Harmonize to contrast with atmospheric keys amid the twisted auto-play of rhythms which FUSE do so, so well.

listen / buy lnk.to/FUSE042