Rai Scott – Detached Observation – Church

Rai Scott has created a series of tastefully resonating pieces of music for this latest release on Church. They grab hold of you and then expand your mind in differing directions. Perhaps that’s best via the melancholy orchestral pulses of Lazy Sunshine. Although, the intensity of Detached Observation with its rolling drums and swirling pads, or indeed the haunting disquiet of Paradise Crane both wrestle equally for your attention. There’s also a great remix of the later by Valentino Mora which teases and tears at the fabric of electronic sound in a most invigorating way.

Release: December 6




Serpente – A Noiva EP – Tormenta Electrica Records

Lisbon artist Serpente delivers what could easily be called disquieting, unsettling music yet for all the brutal realism there is a compelling beauty to it all. Based around a grainy succession of dangerous rhythms drum-machines are employed to the nth degree as each of the four compositions steadily reveal themselves. In one way the opening number, Approach is the easiest to make sense of with its foundation of brisk drumming but in others the extremes reached by Bless are an experience in themselves.

Release: December 3


Slam Dunk’d feat. Chromeo & AI-P – No Price – Glitterbox Recordings

Let’s cut to the chase. Every time I get close to the edge of Disco’s rampant overkill up pops a record that is so good one has to ask for forgiveness at the very thought of such a crime. Arthur Baker’s beautifully realised alias invites you to sample the heady pleasure of yesterday all over again, but crucially captures the essence of the party sometime around 4am with this hughley energetic, joyous production. Chromeo’s wonderful vocal works you up into some kind of heaven and if you love syncopated bass as much as I do you’ll need this in your life – and quick. Remixes come from Armand Van Helden, Art Of Tones, plus Robosonic. Although, I have to say the original version sounds like the best Disco record never made.

Release: December 7



Chambray – Where You At? – DIRTYBIRD

Like it hot. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Chambray’s excellent set of four productions positively simmers with the sort of fanatical energy that’s simply too radical to ignore. The title track begins by posing the question: Where You At? Then proceeds to pummel your ignition with fiery tribal styled rhythms. Deets Yew, hits next with hints of melody contained within the brightly addictive keys, as the contrasting and certainly killer Being Tru gets dirty via its nasty bassline alongside insistent drums and a bag full of attitude. Leaving the Birdfeed Exclusive of Laurel Em to deliver classic Chicago basslines and driving beats to end on an inescapable high.

Release: December 7



Art Department – The Breeding Ground EP – Kaoz Theory

I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this almost purely because the bass is so deliciously heavy on the brutal textures of Industry. But also and more simply because its addictive, party-fuelled rhythms are so temptingly after dark, smouldering yet engaging with a fevered urgency. The No.19 head Jonny White follows that with Exit to Eden and an equally bouncing set of grooves which side-step the pulsating bass this time with punchy percussion and soulful, suggestive voices. Next, Boa returns to demanding intensity which again sequences pounding beats and bass together like they were heaven sent – and quite probably are. The looser Madbar then ends on a deeper note with stabbing organ hits offsetting insistent kicks and hissing hi-hats. A very excellent release.

Release: December 10



Mella Dee – Exactly Mate EP – Warehouse Music

Sometimes all you want is energy. Not just the speed but the intensity. Mella Dee releases this set of four numbers on his own label kicking off with the irrepressible Passing me By which fires inexhaustible beats against repeating stabs, only taking time for breath as the spoken word grabs hold. Club Vibe contrasts with a funkier rhythm that has Acidic basslines causing havoc as classically tuned drum machines dish it up. The excellent title track itself then aims deeper with flickers of grainy melody teasing out all of the senses. Leaving the Disco inflections of the compelling, addictive loops that form Out Of Love to end on a more soulful note, via heart-warming vocals plus a heady rush of emotive keys.

Release: November 30

Pre-order link – https://bit.ly/2Q3tITw



Eumir Deodato / Os Cadetraticos – Ataque – Far Out Recordings

I don’t profess any extensive knowledge when it comes to Brazilian music but I know what I love when I hear it. And there’s something uniquely timely about this exhilarating instrumentation which was first created at the peak of the mid-sixties when Eumir Deodato and team explored the fiery sounds of strident horns, sassy percussion and excitable organ solo’s. All of which sought to inject the listener with an unmistaken energy that still very much resounds today, exceedingly so. This reissue and remaster from the original tapes in ways defies its age exuding an emotional resonance transporting you directly from then to now. It also places a contrasting sense of romantic space into the slower numbers such as the eloquent Razão De Viver (A Little Tear), while inevitably hitting hard via the resolute blasts of the title track, Ataque. Later in life he went on to work with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Earth Wind & Fire, Roberta Flack and Aretha Franklin amongst many significant others and also penned the dancefloor classic Super Strut from 1973. In the meantime this rare slice of life is now available once again playing like a long-lost, though most welcome, friend.

Release: December 7

Os Catedraticos – Ataque [1965]


Posthuman – Mutant City Acid – Balkan Vinyl

As you will already know this is the first album from Posthuman in eight years. A long time coming perhaps but then music does exist outside of time and space. Ask Stockhausen. The many points of reference have already been notified across the music involved on Mutant City Acid, although at Magazine Sixty we like to exercise the subjective core at its heart – otherwise what’s the point of reading the printed word when you can just as easily listen. Plus, you really do have to see the results of the randomly generated coloured vinyl, or the ambient version on cassette to fully realise form alongside content. Into Gestalt sets the pace with electrifying Acid lines sizzling with the kind of energy only a 303 could generate. Of course that will come as no surprise to those who follow the duo, or their feverish label: Balkan Vinyl. But in ways it’s when the atom gets split that the intrigue pours out. The introspective, Once Was will excite the memory care off its telling bassline, while weird and wonderful layers of sound whirl away in the background expanding creative boundaries. The retrospective future of Gods of Technology feels like it was born yesterday, although as was mentioned before it resonates notably today, and still do so tomorrow. The darker edges of Raid On Kyoto Quarter reach new ground as spoken voice sits uneasily over teasing Cabaret Voltaire styled synthesizers. While, Shellworld Industries combines all of the aforementioned elements into one succulently beautiful exploration of the future tense, packed full of emotional turmoil yet resolving questions. The rigours strains of Transit System Error and then Wish Mountain complete the release as undulating caustic sequences once again reassert themselves. But either way this album is much more than the sum of its many parts, moods and settings. Reward, in the form of audio, is yours for the taking.

Release: November 26



Pezzner feat. Aquarius Heaven – We Are Not Who We Are – Get Physical Music

You only need experience the sizzling opening bars to Pezzner’s new release for Get Physical to feel the genuine charge of electricity that informs the very best of music in 2018. There is a brisk intensity to it all that plays out even before the introduction of Aquarius Heaven’s majestic voice seeks to command your attention. The producer creates a sense of unease with punctuating percussion probing as the edges amid grainy, uncompromising electronics while Brian Brewster’s questioning words tease out hidden answers. A Dub follows with reoccurring stabs adding a timely punctuation to the drums and vibes, and there’s also an acapella demonstrating the message in the music. As if you needed reminding.

Release: November 23



Yoni Yarchi – Subconscious EP – Loot Recordings

One of my favourite producers for this past while returns with another blissful, musically rich soundtrack whose very title track may just give the game away before we begin. The Subconscious, sequences startling landscapes across the stereo expanse as impactful drums deliver succinct rhythms to adorn the generous sprinklings of piano, mind-expanding vocals and soaring atmospherics. Exposing a certain fragility Yoni’s compositions stand out for me quite so much as they feel like they’re capturing moments that don’t dwell too long on the past while adhering to the time honoured traditions of life’s melody. Death On The Balcony’s excellent Remix plays with the theme, though adds a more robust ambient intensity via the increased use of trippy vocal alongside warmer bass. Kepler, follows with a picturesque series of chiming renditions, complimented by the darker edges of Don’t Think Loud completing the release with deeper, more electronically charged sounds simmering over pulsating percussion, which produce an almost psychedelic experience of West Coast proportions.

Release: November 30