Spencer Parker – Different Shapes And Sizes Remix EP01 – Work Them Records

The energy levels remain heightened as this latest release from Spencer Parker sees last year’s robust productions get remixed for 2018. Shape Fascination, is recrafted care of DJ Deep who places the emphasis on grittier drums plus the eventual glow of contrasting electric keys lending its texture a refreshed angle. An excellent Dub of the same follows taking it deeper accentuating echoes and adding more playful instrumentation. The Setaoc Mass Remix then proceeds to hit hard and heavy employing the title Techno in bold stark letters. Which almost surprisingly has Akirahawks rework Riff Shapes in Hi-Energy fashion with hip-shaking syncopated bass and electro Toms punctuating the arrangement, along-side a sometimes awkward fusion of sparkling eighties styled piano.

Release: January 26

Listen/ buy https://www.decks.de/track/spencer_parker-different_shapes_and_sizes_remix_ep/cbp-td


Whitesquare – The Masquerade EP – Gruuv

Whitesquare lands firmly on Gruuv with this first-rate, sizzling infusion of chiming Mirimba’s offset by warm pads, funky percussion and a playful sense of musicality that resonates perfectly for the introduction of 2018. The excellent, Solivagant is all that and more. Who else but Pezzner could reinvent the production retaining the original essence yet transforming the spark of life into something deeper. Achieving startling results with the melodic pulses intact you are then treated to a fresh bassline backed up by cool keys plus the white heat of splashing hats. Makgeolli, takes its turn exciting fuzzy synths and pounding drums, as Tzom returns to African influences scored across a ripple of beautiful electronics, resulting in picture perfect music.

Release: February 2



Zen Haizer – Sunwasp EP – Digital Devil Recordings

Sunwasp is one of those holy s**t moments that doesn’t bother too much (if at all) about niceties or careful planning. Zen Haizer’s blistering Acid attack represents a gun full of attitude, smoking beats and unrelenting, furious electronic fever. Feast your ears below. Next, Match Point delivers a variation on the theme this time with a shuffle to the groove, leaving the caustic tones of Genetiic Bassmensch to end where it all began.

Release: February 3


Dave Clarke – The Desecration of Desire – Skint

I don’t often review music created by Dave Clarke simply for no other reason than it doesn’t fall into the genre’s I write about. Times change however as the suitably spikey attitude of his new albums title spells out something not to miss out on. In fact, The Desecration of Desire is a stunningly, brilliant piece of work not least all as connects me with my past care of the excellent version of Department S – Is Vic There? (feat. Louisahhh). The magic element of this album is I guess that there is no single defining element to it. Apart from say, Plasmatic the words pounding techno don’t make their presence felt much at all. Which for people like me means even the Jazzy, sound-tracking temptation of Dot Forty One feels sublimely tempting. The first rate and current single, I’m Not Afraid is included as are various guest appearances which I will leave you the anticipation of discovering for yourself. But back to the beginning and the opening, Exquisite which thankfully throws the rule book abruptly out of the window, as does the majority of the album, leaving a wealth of influences that come together in an explosion of the weird, wired and wonderful.

Release: October 27



Aris Kindt – Swann and Odette – Kingdoms

Aris Kindt is the joint collaboration of Gabe Hedrick and Francis Harris (Scissor and Thread) and this new release provides the follow-up to 2015’s Floods, while also launching the heightened potential of the Kingdoms imprint. It’s not always an easy ride but since when has ‘not-challenging’ been to the benefit of music’s history. However, there are plenty of moments of transcendence to be found but the spectre of tension never seems hidden, often revealed through the grainy repetition of smouldering analogue electronics. This collection of sounds isn’t really something you can qualify by describing each and every piece involved on its track-list but it’s more about the smudge of stereo which emanates as a whole structure that’s important here. That and the feeling that something wonderful is being communicated, just below the surface.

Release: October 22



Dave Clarke – I’m Not Afraid (feat. Anika) – Skint

Techno’s defining stalwart explodes all over the stereo in a fit of Punky, fizzy fuelled rage that in the appropriate parlance: I Fucking Love. Low-slung and meaning business dirty rhythms are punched out across the spaces in-between as Anika’s attitude spiked vocal tickles the imagination with all sorts of devilish and political possibilities. The album is forthcoming but for now this killer release will suffice.




Francesco Mami – 101091 EP – Rhythm Cult Digital

Perhaps not my usual tipple but when did tiresome, endless labelling get in the way of what is more importantly good music. Three tracks go to make up this new release from the London MNKY HSE Music Director but it’s the blistering combination of infectious sounds that inform Stilgar which really capture and ignite my attention. Music to get lost in as seven plus minutes feel longer (in a good way) with a sizzling clash of ideas all at once being totally emotional and melodic, yet also hard and unrelenting. So good in fact that immediately repeating the play only goes to reveal more. The proceeding Alia continues the theme with reiterating rhythms again building a sense of anticipation via unfolding atmosphere’s reaching out to eight minutes.

Release: September 29



Balaphonic – Balinese Saints – Well Cut Records

Sometimes when you’re lost in a haze of smouldering electronics it’s good to get recharged by the flair of relatively real music, which of course tempts you in the direction of this label. Have to say second listen and I’m hooked into the opening salvo of Balinese Saints which fires off irredeemably energetic percussion breaks together with a jazzy, latin-esque sense of rhythm and language. Mondays, follows fuelled by jaunty shuffles, reversed sequences plus the joy of guitar all rolled into one. While the excellent Sunflowers In Dub then exits via a final, reassuring blast of resounding Balearic echo plus stereo enhanced, life-affirming goodness.

Release: September 22


SCANNER – The Great Crater – Glacial Movements

Outstanding. But before we go employing lazy associations and cliques with regards to music that sources ambience as inspiration let’s just say that this album isn’t simply about mood creation but pushes further at the edges of existence. That might be heart-wrenching intensity or richly dark moments. Equally the rush of romance or happy possibilities which seem endless. There mercifully is not a rule book to follow here and it’s that very excitement that engulfs you in swathes of warm, difficult, probing, melancholy, electronically charged excitement. Another great release from Glacial Movements and of course via Robin Rimbaud. One last thought: if you imagined that the genre was washed out. Listen again. Perhaps the cover art says it all.

Release: September 29


Dimitri From Paris presents Salsoul Mastermix – Salsoul

Can’t get enough of the past? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The legendary Salsoul label earned that accolade for one reason only and that was the music they released back in the 70’s and subsequent 1980’s, closing by 84 of that decade. Soaring songs, sonically reverberating instrumentation and production prowess that helped set the tone for tone for what came next.  One glance over the tracklist and you can feel all that history breathing including timeless standards such as Double Exposure – My Love Is Free, which appears here with the Frankie Knuckles remix, plus the Shep Pettibone version of Inner Life – I Like It Like That. Other perhaps less well known tracks also compliment such as Larry Levan’s remix of Sparkle – Handsome Man and The Salsoul Orchestra’s – Sun After Rain with Tom Moulton’s glorious 12″ Mix. The second CD is all down to Dimitri who adds his flair to the affair care off a series of re-edits of additional releases that include the likes of fimiliar gems Love Sensation, Ten Percent, and Just As Long As I Got You. Respectfully yours.

Release: September 15

Pre-order here: https://salsoul.lnk.to/dimitrifromparisPR