Denney & D.Ramirez – Raven – Crosstown Rebels

There’s something about this production as it captures feelings not necessarily so sweet though clearly epic in proportion. Wild, abandon infuses the arrangement as the click of punctuating drums add a well-crafted funkiness into the rhythm section, leaving space for the smouldering bassline to shine in dark bliss. The atmospherics, which are rich and heavy, cumulate in the sort of ecstatic breakdown sound systems were primed for as the pulse of classic Detroit runs throughout. Raven is an edgy yet sublime slice of music supplying the luxury of forward thinking, finely tuned ideas feverishly into the forthcoming decade. Still I Rise, continues the theme this time with deliberately evocative voices spelling out a familiar message, yet always potent. The bass once again bites complimenting the compelling drums as electronics are suitably warped into submission.

Release: October 4

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