DJ Deep – For The Love Of Kaoz EP – Kaoz Theory

An excellent release of sound, and more importantly rhythm, on the opening track from DJ Deep’s new EP for Kerri Chandler’s Kaoz Theory. In many ways an effortlessly stunning piece of work that cumulates with a sense of bravado, taking you in one direction, while releasing you in another. Thai, begins and ends in anticipation which doesn’t actually hit pay-off but remains all the more powerful (and exciting) for that – if it followed predictable formula some massive beat would kick in and so on, but then this is about calibre rather than clique. The quality reaches another plateau via the super-charged emotions of the picturesque Tuesday Record Shopping In Paris which paints strident drums alongside a rush of energy to great effect in another well-crafted slice of music. Next, Guardian returns to a more familiar set of beats and bass, leaving the pounding, self-explanatory Cavalier Drums to pulverise all sense of reason into submission.

Release: August 28

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