Eraldo Bernocchi – Like A Fire That Consumes All Before It – RareNoiseRecords

RareNoiseRecords co-founder, multi-instrumentalist and composer Eraldo Bernocchi has created a wonderfully evocative selection of music to accompany the new documentary on the life of celebrated American artist Cy Twombly: Cy Dear. It’s awash with rushes of delay and ambient reverberation which makes you feel a certain way. At times poignant, almost lost. At others warmer re-assuring reflecting life’s more gentle echoes. However, always pointedly meaningful. After all those haunting piano hits never fail but to probe inward. I guess what I love most is the sense that you don’t want it to end as each piece unfolds leading you casually astray in a sea of atmospherically charged emotion. We Had A Good Time, pulls at the heartstrings as it does the treated guitar and as much as anything else you will hear releases a yearning for more.

Release: November 30

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