Gabríel Ólafs – Lullabies for Piano and Cello – Decca Records

When music is stripped right back to bare simplicity it speaks to you in forms of language, memory and meaning. Pure and simple. Being devoid of words, relying on atmospheric instrmentation for communication, it does not follow that it automatically becomes a screen ‘soundtrack’ to accompany this or that. It’s just sublime music, or not. Gabríel Ólafs’s interpretation exists on its own plane of meaning. Serene, elated and poignant all rolled into one. It is, as the title neatly encapsulates, Lullabies for Piano and Cello which pinpoints these pieces of notes and strings perfectly. The cello is wonderfully expressed by cellist Steiney Sigurðardóttir. You could be sitting, standing or walking anywhere in the world and it would still mean the very same thing. Listen for yourself and feel magic happening.

Release: June 9

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