Gel Abril Q&A

Hello and welcome to Magazine Sixty, Gel. Let’s start with the launch of your new label Closed Circuits. How and why did you decide to start your own imprint?

Hello hello Greg and thank you for having me. well it’s been on my agenda for a long time to have a good home for my music and likeminded artists I like , when the right opportunity accrued I just went for it .

(Photo by Moses Pini Siluk)

The excellent debut release is from Oskar Szafraniec featuring Very Addictive. How did you get introduced to Oskar and how did it feel to have such a spine-tingling vocal to announce the arrival of the label with?

It’s quite a story actually cause I know him by Facebook and from time to time he sent me music, then the label starting rolling and he sent me like 20 tracks or so as demos and first time I heard borderline I had this crazy goose bumps you get rarely from music, then immediately I signed him and since then we become really good friends and making a lot of music together, he is a genuine human and super talented artist. I am very happy to have him on my label!

You also provide a remix of Borderline. Can you talk us through how you produced it, from the initial ideas to the final arrangement including any particular pieces of software/ hardware you like to use?

I like my music very straight and groovy , that’s why I always start with the main groove , a strong hypnotic loop it’s all what needed to hook you into the rhythm , my creative process is always changing and I’m not always using a specific hardware or software , I just like to go with the flow and try new things.

In this context can you tell us about what importance you place on vocals/ songs in Dance Music as opposed to rhythm and instrumentation?

My music in a way is always been groove based but vocals when they touch you they can destroyed dance floors in the best way. For example an intense techno or more rhythmic kind of set when there is a lot tension in the music and groove and after 45 min or 1 hour of that sort of set, you drop that special vocal track, you give the people fresh breath of air and smiles all around. The vocal for me at least has to be unique and not cheesy, borderline is the great example of it for me melancholic yet very touching.

And can you tell us about the striking Artwork you have chosen for the label?

Yes off course the art work been done by my longtime friend Daniel Zaken from Tel Aviv , he is in a way the king of art for night life in tel aviv over 20 years , making flyers to the best parties and venues throughout Israel. We talked about ideas and I gave him some references I liked. I really wanted something colorful and positive and he execute in the best way there is, really happy from the art work, the new ones are also stunning 

Outside of House/ Techno who gives you the most inspiration, in terms of writers, musicians, artists etc?

Well I am big fan off Depeche Mode , Martin Gore is I guess one of the most talented artist in the world to me , Kraftwerk , Radio Head , I also love bands from the 60 s like father and The Mothers and stuff like that the music there is real and flowing .

As a DJ who plays all over the world what impact would you say Club Culture has had culturally/ politically beyond its entertainment value?

In the end of the day we are there for the love of music in the most profound way. I think music can bring people together from all sort of countries including countries with conflicts, if only music will replace the politics we would all be in a better world.

What are your feelings about nostalgia in music?

Well I am a dj 27 years, I started off very young at tender age of 13, I enjoy from time to time checking my old records that gives you overview of how the music changed over the years and personal moments I had with some of the records I played, some euphoric moments it’s nice to remember  there is some amazing stuff I have in my collection.
Also it was much simpler back then the only things you needed to do is to dj and make music, today is a bit different  I do believe to become a better artist you should know your history about dance music and in the same time also be innovative and open to new things all the time, there is some great music coming out this days.

And finally. What plans do you have for Closed Circuits moving forward? And what advice would you suggest to people thinking about submitting their music to the label?

I have the next 3 releases sorted stuff by myself, collaboration with Oskar and ep by Stephan Bazbaz a talented producer from Tel Aviv, some great music in there which I very satisfied with.
Advice I would give to people want to submitting a demo is try to be unique and not obvious, always groovy and with that something extra you don’t hear regularly that for sure will catch my ears 