Kevin Knapp – Find Me featuring Baby Luck – Rebellion

If on the other hand you never want to leave the dancefloor Kevin Knapp returns to the fold to point you in the right direction. There’s something just ‘right’ about these productions beginning with Bumpin’ as it grinds its way forcefully into your line of vision. The beats and bass are tight while the commanding vocal delivery exists in its own space accompanied by whirring synths plus a heavy yet understated bassline. Flipped then follows in a similar mood, although with more throb added to the bass with the excellent title track, Find Me contrasting nicely via an edgy combination of tempting vocals care off Baby Luck and elastic, probing bass plus deliciously moody keys electrifying the atmosphere. Without Purpose, ends on yet another high with a familiar vocal sample working its way across the stereo field amid fiery snare drum hits and super-funky basslines. Lovely.

Release: March 17

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