Niko Marks – Day of Knowing – Planet E

This 44th studio album from the mind of Niko Marks is little short of excellent. It not only fuels your brain with all sorts of possibilities but also informs your soul about fresh ways of feeling into the bargain. It begins with the exhilarating, dancefloor energy of Crank Shaft and its explosive bassline plus contrasting atmospheric underscore, then proceeds to surprise your expectations as the music weaves between soulful joy and jazzy heights. The exquisite instrumentation of the tile track being a case in point with meandering piano keys rounded off by punchy bass guitar and percussion, sounding assuredly tuned-in yet intriguingly other-worldly, and is complimented by a first-rate remix by Santiago Salazar. Or you could explore the deeper ambience of This One with its probing Acid styled bass working its way into your consciousness care of a spacey array of sounds and emotive vocals all traversing the stereo. The robust Thrill Of The Chase completes the experience as open-ended rhythms work together over accompanying keys and an exotic arrangement of strings and fuzzy stabs. Typically drenched in emotion, however determinedly rigorous.

Release: February 10