Pheek – Fleksebleco – Archipel Musique

Exploring, Fleksebleco is like passing through a series of rooms each containing a new way of absorbing sounds as if they had been created uniquely in that very instant. The music proceeds to evolve very much on its own terms as rhythms unfold peppered by a future of ideas plugging into the electrical mainframe of creative thinking. There is a spirituality at play here too shifting your emotional responses around the edges of occasional convention, much like the machines have a mind of their own communicating directly to you. In ways it’s the drums that punctuate, holding all of this together, much like a framework of intention allowing the improvised, modular synthesis to transport you into unchartered territory. Consequentially this is both thrilling as it is exciting located far from the clique of melody, it also simulates a sense of curiosity and amazement at how notes can sound in succession.

Release: March 20

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