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Back in the Days
Toy Tonics

Continuing to breathe a blast of fresh air into the genre Toy Tonics aren’t afraid to reference the soul of the past while slamming headlong into the future. Back In The Days, lays down a life-affirming slice of Disco to ignite the party with a voice over reminiscing about the title. Jugendstil, gets down and funky with fiery organ hits and sassy percussion fuelling the fire, while next +++ provides latinesque rhythms amongst the filtered madness going on. Humbled, not surprisingly takes a deeper turn with moody chords worked out over hotly infused beats.  And finally, the excellent Native Riddim appears as a vinyl only treat with glorious piano pulling the heart strings over shuffling drums.

Release: January 26

The Womb
Wirsindeins Records

Hinting at the Windy City yet blowing out the cobwebs are these three fully charged productions from Neverm!nd. Channelling engaging bass and keys throughout the stereo picture the warm tones of The Womb repeats until you’re completely hooked in. Showdows, then provides an edgier groove including sizzling sound effects, undulating moods and smoky voices. However, it’s the excellent Mobiers that provides the standout here care off a super slinky groove plus killer bassline, which is again complimented by large vocals and endless repetition, leaving the Higuchi remix to inject a shot of energy into the tempo to finish.

Digital release Beatport: January 27

Breaking Through The Pain Barrier EP
Versatile Records

An epic arrangement that reflects Paul Cottam’s life with multiple sclerosis and as you can guess from the title that isn’t always a good experience. Never the less the music seeks to provide a reflective, invigorating trip into the sights of night-time with layers of rhythm and loops of sound creating a striking, almost haunting soundscape which proves hard to put down. The flip-side then has Encephalomyelitis Disseminate fusing House bass together with punchier beats, although proving to be just as atmospheric, all of which is eventually compounded by grittier Acid attitude.


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