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Pursuit Of The Orange Butterfly EP

This record represents a kind of brutal, beautiful indication of what’s right with the planet. Feeling introspective for sure, but also there’s a sense of sharing within its thoughtful, thought-provoking rhythms which aren’t regulated, clean, pristine hi-fi but are most obviously soulful in the very real senses of that word – as if reaching out for heaven. ‘Pursuit Of The Orange Butterfly’ not only has an exquisite title but breathes life into all of those tired arrangements that qualify as Dance music today, indeed they surpass them. Slightly reminiscent of the Minimalist composers of the past century this produces an evolving, effortless landscape of sound that opens up your mind to the blue sky of possibilities.  Next is Mountains of the Moon which escapes into a series of rapid beats plus against the grain synthesized sounds, which along with final track Neverland prove to just as engaging, although the title remains in a league of its own.

Formats: 12” Vinyl / Digital
Release: September 23

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