The Djoon Experience (Pt 1)
Compiled and mixed by Joaquin ‘Joe’ Claussell & Black Coffee
BBE Records

artworks-000047591055-3ewyf0-t200x200Djoon is a club space located in eastern Paris and as you can guess from the choice of Dj’s who have contributed the mixes it’s very much, ‘all about the music’. Making a rare appearance on CD is Joe Claussell who actually recorded his mix in a Tokyo hotel room alongside a cast of musical heads providing the atmosphere to accompany this classy, timeless selection of soulfully infused gems. It’s packed full of emotion with his trademark eq’ing and filtering accentuating the rhythm and tension throughout, and provides the sort of organic listening experience that’s not quite so prevalent these days. No point in spoiling it for you by concentrating on the track list but suffice to say that Gregory Porter’s ‘1960 What?’ is in there too! Johannesburg’s Black Coffee then take centre stage with their blend of similarly crafted sounds, which take from me, feel even better when the temperatures raised. The music proceeds to drift through deeper, less percussion fuelled, tracks than Joe Claussell’s but then that only compliments the experience. Again, this is a faultless selection that creates its very own time and space which if you like musicality within the electronic process is pretty much essential listening.

Kings Of Tomorrow feat. April
Fall For You EP
Defected Records

Having already reviewed this classic sounding song from Sandy Rivera for DMC magazine (link below) I don’t really need an excuse to tell how good it is all over again. However, just in case you may have escaped the opportunity then please try the video instead and let the music do the talking!


Feeling Good EP
Cobra Records

Label boos Killian’s delivers what is indisputably a heavy-duty soundtrack for the summer with the percussion frenzy of Feeling Good. Sequencing an irresistibly funky breakbeat together with pulsating electro stabs and classic 90’s styled vocals this relentless production never falls below fever pitch. Remixes come from the excellent Marko Nastic who cleverly drops the tempo and draws other drum elements to the fore alongside a futuristic collection of sounds and effects. Plus, from Edy C who again goes for the jugular with repetitive drums and bass.


Jerome Sydenham
Bicept EP

jerFrom someone who needs very little introduction comes this blistering assault on the senses with his latest EP for the renowned Desolat. The title track loops pumping beats and bass with echoed vocals and fiery percussion sounding inescapably commanding. Next, This Door adds more of a musical flair via punchy organ and Latin percussion. However, it’s the final two that really work it for me: With The Bone, re-imagines Pierre styled repetition with an excellent production that sees stabs fire off pounding drums, while The Jockey has him join forces with Quell for the final rendition which again sees relentless stabs and thumping drums feel every bit peak-time!

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