DJ Octopus – OWA & WAMI – Atjazz Record Company

I don’t quite know whether the sound effects of speech running throughout the arrangement cloud the impact of this production or enhance it but either this is a very piece of music. Soulfully charged via its rich horns alongside deep chords and punctuating percussion this tastefully hits the spot.

Release: March 25


LaTique featuring Kali Mija – Shake Shake – Atjazz Record Company

Something else which has very definitely caught my attention today is the new single from LaTique. Featuring a rather wonderful vocal delivery from Kali Mija which drips with emotion despite being almost understated, its set to a background of smouldering keys plus unfussy drums seamlessly following a time-honoured tradition in House Music while proving to be a killer combination. Only the one version as of yet but one which says it all.

Release: March 2


COLORJAXX – DISTANT LOVE EP – Atjazz Record Company

It is the simple, fluid flow of rhythm that speaks directly to your heart here. In as much as this is about a gritty bassline and the forward motion of drums, while the occassional introduction of voices on Your Love serves to colour the atmosphere, it all then gets straight back to the essential essence of uncomplicated yet compelling House Music. Next, Distant People furthers that cause via its warmer bass plus funky flurries amid the imposing sting of insistent Hi-Hats. Both quality and quantity.

Release: August 13


MPESHNYK – THE LIES EP – Atjazz Record Company

The harshness of the EP’s title doesn’t equate to the beautiful music you discover inside. Infinite Consciousness begins proceedings free from drums as pads and sounds unfold in blissful ways that sequence the joy of bliss into moments. The contrasting, Levitation then adds the punch of percussion to a more uplifting, funky shuffle that is instinctively and musically compelling. The twang of deep bass then hits you in amongst heavenly treated keys on Broken, which again features the hot swing of rhythm. As indeed does the final sound of Brink of Disaster, an equally impactful, probing combination of fuzzy stabs, Nelson Mandela and cool reason.

Release: April 2




It’s perhaps down to the breezy, loose intensity of Lullaby (Dub) which makes it so tempting. Though the thrills seeping from the low-slung rhythm section as it winds down into a delicious combination of mood, atmosphere plus a bit of bump and grind are pure magic. This combines a sense of ambience defining a deeper recognition of the possibilities, while sounding equally first rate as a piece of danceable music too. Dub Warehouse does more of the same, this time adding a sense of history into the arrangement via grainy organ stabs. Leaving, Isle to inject more edge to complete the experience with punchy beats plus a swirl of colours dancing along the stereo.

Release: July 19


BODDHI SATVA – Deeply Essential – Atjazz Record Company

Shouldn’t music seek to reach beyond what is easily accessible? Whether that is the cause of la-de-da melodies or the over-used words that shape them. In which case you will find as much pleasure in Deeply Essential as I do. Two tracks adorn this latest release from the ever excellent Atjazz and while House Dancer may not win prizes for title subtlety it does for sheer intensity, which isn’t brutal but an intricate, fine mesh of emotive keys and shuffling drums pinpointing the magic. Tribute To Cielo, then adds extra punch to the production in celebration of the New York club via a series of heavy chords infused with deeply spirited appreciation.

Release: May 24



On a more positive note come these hot reworking of Abel’s wonderful album cut featuring Marcel & Elliott, although don’t let the opportunity to soak up all that gorgeous soul-tripping intensity of the original first – an outstanding piece of contemporary music. Firstly is the Rocco Warrior Mix which breaks down the elements, then adds a caustic synthesized loop setting it all alight in a totally different way. Next, and I can’t think of anyone more appropriate, is Fred Everything’s version which expands the originals emotional richness adding a tougher, more playful quality care of funky breaks and bass while sounding most heavenly in the process.

Release: June 15


Atjazz – Track 9 (Mix 1) – Atjazz Record Company

Before I go releasing lots of hot words it is music just like this that I’ve been talking about at Magazine Sixty. Richly resonate, atmospherically tempting, reaching into your soul pulling out emotions to display across your face. Thoughtful, perhaps even politically suggestive. And yes you can deride all that from a piece of good music – if you can’t then perhaps there may be a problem. Track 9, tears at history sounding like it has eaten up past knowledge yet has made its very own imprint on 2018. After all, why would you want to make a record that sounds exactly like it was made 25 years ago – it would be like listening to the same piece of vinyl on repeat for over two decades. Stretching out to nine minutes of informed ecstasy you know you’re in good company when the bassline hits causing that certain feeling. That plus the accompanying sequence of fervent, punctuating keys and drums saying is all.

Release: January 29


Atjazz – Track 1 (Mix 1) – Atjazz Record Company

I love the uncomplicated intent demonstrated via the stripped back title of both the track and its accompanying mix. The music plays just as directly espousing repeating motifs generated by heart capturing synth stabs spun around sensitive analogue reproducing drums. Number one captures a remote sense of time and space, then plays with that for a while leaving you to think about it, while reacting to this soulfully charged experience with pleasure.

Release: April 7