Konrad Black & Art Department
Graveyard Tan
No.19 Music

Things do indeed only get better as this ridiculously good release from one of the world’s hottest labels No.19 testifies. Following quickly on from Tone Of Arc’s excellent single comes this from Konrad Black (Wagonrepair) and No.19’s very own Jonny White who along with Kenny Glasgow form Art Department. Graveyard Tan, as you might suspect from the title plays with hauntingly deep tones and simmering moody tensions that are at once deliciously intense and beautifully epic. Played over crisp hi-hats the expansive bass broods its way into your consciousness with the simple intonation of the word Baby all that needs saying. Version Two replays those very elements but either way it doesn’t get a lot better than this.

release: June 4 (vinyl)/ June 18 (digital)


Behling & Simpson ft. James Fox
Futureboogie Recordings

It can’t just be about the sunshine but every time I hear something new from Futureboogie smiles appear. You’ve got to admire the sheer audacity of the low tempo which always feels thrilling and of course deeply funky. This is no exception as the apt Work That Body stretches out uplifting chords over crunchy percussion and a vocal sample that weaves its way into your brain. The second track to feature James Fox is Tangled and if anything feels more expansive with its huge bassline and nagging synths complimented by oriental-esque chimes. AAW picks up the pace with more loose percussion and cool piano, while Good Thang feels that bit moodier, though equally effective, with more infectious rhythms and  hot production values.

Release: May 28


Huxley & Sam Russo
Jamma’s Basement EP
Leftroom Limited

Love the combination of daring styles on this latest from Huxley & Sam Russo whose stars are clearly in ascendance. Opening with off-kilter keys the continuing sense of being warped is offset by crisp percussion, familiar delayed vocals, and a dancehall styled bass which you can’t help but move too. This inventive production simply shines. As does the curiously titled William’s Trainers which follows with more sizzling hi-hats and classic House sensibilities adding reason to the twisted vocal edit.

release:May 26


Re. You
Mind Your Head
Mobilee Records

Sound advice from Mobilee whose 93rd release once again reminds you just how vital the label always proves to be. The title track featuring Daniel Wilde begins with deliciously funky toms and then works its way into frenzied arpeggios by way of space aged vocal fx and a taut rhythm section. Next, Junction plays with heavier tribal toms and further haunting voices, this time over tech stabs which the louder they get the better they feel.

Release: May 21


PopSled & Magit Cacoon
Higher Point EP
Be As One

Release 35 sees the label on perfect form with one of their strongest to date. Kicked off by a classic House Music (all night long) bassline sparse percussion then invites you to dance alongside pounding beats and Take Me Higher vocals which, in this case, have survived the nineties unscathed. There’s something inescapably cool about how all of this sounds. The Argy Remix then sensibly retains the bass and adds early nineties Detroit styled organ to his suitably sparkling production. And speaking of the motor city, the legendary Rolando rounds it all off by displaying typical flair via excellent, yet unsettling, drum programming which makes the whole experience shine even more brightly.

release:  May 28


Reckless Lady EP
Diynamic Music

More in the way of old music sounding new as Diynamic see Italian duo Hunter/ Game join up the dots between the eighties and now, while sounding vital and energised in the process. Cool synth lines combine with acid tweaks and Deep House bass to produce something instantly pleasing on opening track, Under. Boogie Music co-produced with FreakMe follows on to explore avenues of Electro-Funk bass and smoothly soulful vocals, as the title track goes down the classic Chicago route employing an infectious Reckless Lady vocal loop and melodic keys. Crazy Enough, finishes by building the tension superbly with staccato guitar and also takes its cue from the same influence pool, but as with all the music on the EP feels completely contemporary.



Sean Miller
‘Canibal Royal’
Mobilee Records

Don’t know why I was quite so surprised to hear Sean Miller’s gorgeously jazzy Soleil through the speakers but I can tell you I will be hearing it a whole lot more over the coming months. This thoughtful and frankly inspired production eases you into a gentle Latin groove which contains irresistible amounts of percussion along with beautifully haunting voices. Trust me this plays like a sublime treat. The title track then follows in the footsteps with even hotter rhythms accompanied this time by fevered vocals undoubtedly yearning for the return of sunshine. 9

release: Jan 2012


Gel Abril & Andrea Oliva
‘Scene/ Veto’
Be As One

Two killer productions for Be As One sees the label start 2012 in style. However let’s begin with Veto first by arranging the letters: d e e p a n d n a s t y and then turning up the volume as loud as it will feasibly go. You’ve got to admire the sheer intensity as this perfectly heavy production pulls little in the way of punches with its pounding groove and occasional nod to musicality feeling sexier than Santa ever did. Back to Scene feels that bit funkier – though no less grinding – with excellent shuffling drums, delicious throbbing bass notes and someone saying motherfucker rather a lot – exquisite! 9

release: Jan 2012


‘The Deepest EP’
Kindred Recordings

The third excellent record this week comes from Estonia’s Merimell Sokk and as we used to say back then: TUNE! Opening with the huge Daft Acid with its set of sizzling drums and incendiary acid attitude this only needs to be heard once and you will be wishing it was 1988 all over again. The Day After Tomorrow is a more subtle though just as electrifying with its edgy yet funky drum programming sounding fresh and impressive with atmospheric pads and dark notes completing the arrangement. The Deepest finishes with the Liquatech remix exploring more of the same possibilities along with a lot of gorgeous sounds too. 8



Tribute Volume 2
Robsoul Recordings

Volume two sees Phil Weeks once again revisit another selection of Gimini’s recordings for the Cyclo label in the 90’s. Four tracks beginning with the perky though sumptuously deep Spirals take the unmistakable Chicago sound and reply it for 2012. Next up is the supremely funky Return Of The Jack which does just what it says, followed by the insistent Take Your Time featuring timeless commanding vocals and pumping beats. Wanna Push You finishes it all off with an excellent Disco/ Funk cut-up that is as much in style now as it was all the way back then…guess that says something. 8

release: 13 Jan 2012


Neil Kurland & Davidson Ospina
Ospina Digital

I’m guessing the old style vocal sample is referencing Gillespie hence the title (or of course maybe not?) but either way this deliciously heavy duty exercise in bass and beats works a treat. Coming in two versions the voice appears on the Main Mix with punchy organ chords and a relentless arrangement doing the rest. Meanwhile The Strip Mix gets down to the nitty-gritty of the rhythm section to revel in all that’s great about this sizzling House Music production. 8

release: Jan 2012


Watch & Listen: Guti & Fosky ‘Step’ (Crosstown Rebels)





House Syndrome EP
Be As One

Four new tracks go to make up this debut EP for the label from Andrew and gotta say it’s good. Opening with House Syndrome and a stripped down, hypnotic bassline the rhythm builds expectantly in layers with tribal toms and shuffling 909 claps driving forward until the breakdown, when an unexpected change of bass notes and moody electronics suddenly open up the world to possibilities – the detuned voice works a treat too. Constant Learning then develops the theme with further tribal escapades and trippy sounds for more inescapable satisfaction. Quiet Hit Men feels as sinister as the suggestion with taut percussion and acid lines transporting you somewhere out there…On your return the Dub of Pende treats you to further squelchy bass and quite frankly excellent percussion. What I love about this EP is that you’re never quite sure what’s going to occur next in the thought process. 9



‘I Need A Man’

Don’t be tempted to think this is some fluffy stab at X Factor (fuck I’ve said those words!) as Wannabeastar is nothing short of sleaze personified. Beefed up by punchy dancehall beats and hot electro bass a voice states a list of need/wants in most forthright terms – you got to admire the confidence. I guess this will either appeal to you or it won’t, simple. Klever twists the experience even further with nasty electronics and a bizarre sense of almost melody while NT89 push the energy levels completely overboard. Petsoop ease the tempo downwards into an irresistibly funky slo-mo styled reworking, leaving The Eleven to finish you off with grandiose synths and heady drama. 8

 release: 9 Oct 2011


Danny Torrence & King Richard
‘Higher State’
Mile End Records

Montreal producers Danny Torrence and King Richard have wisely enlisted Spain’s D-Formation to remix this potential House gem. Tension is the keyword here and is fiercely built upon with fiery percussion and FX laden treatments galore, this positively sparkles with albeit subdued chords and a killer arrangement that primes everything perfectly for the dancefloor. Not that you should in any way underestimate the original mix of this either as its throbbing progressive riffs and succinct beats undoubtedly work together impressively, while King Richard’s Re-rub reworks those same elements with added urgency. 9



Gecko Chamber
‘Boya Badana’
Low Brow

Gecko Chamber are Coskun Akmeric and Cem Serter. This is the debut single from their forthcoming album. I don’t know if you would label this as Techno or not but I can tell you this emotive piece of electronic music conjures up all sorts of atmospheres with its evocative combination of unsettling percussion and dark, expansive sounds. Only the one version so far but then this instrumental speaks volumes already. 7

release: 3 Oct 2011