Calibre – Cinamin / Samba – Mystic Arts

Launching, Mystic Arts the new label from Belfast’s Chris Frieze promises great things if number 001 is anything to go by. Cinamin, catches the attention immediately because it plays in a distinctive class of its own joining dots between soul, melody and (virtually) an instrumental bliss. The production has got that heavy-duty, feel-good factor as captivating, rhythmic stabs undulate in seductive motion contrasted by more subtle synth lines adding haunting textures to the stereo field, meanwhile the loose shuffle of drums almost seem secondary but are very far from it. You could easily say, quietly anthemic, powerfully intentional. Then, Samba digs deeper into more soulful territory with a grainy eighties percussion loop driving rigorous bass and hot keys together along the course of another emotionally engaging arrangement of timeless sounds that prove to be just as excellent.

Release: February 10


Calibre & Chelou – Dissolve In The Rain – Signature Recordings

I listen to a lot of electronic music which more often than not configured around the movement of dance. Then I listen to Dissolve In The Rain and wonder why the leap of faith expands way beyond words, why you would produce club music to exist as being simply functional rather than seeking out true longevity and excellence. That is not just with regards to the qualities of modern song writing, though that certainly raises some doubt whenever you feel the brutal impact of modular instrumentation at its most radically creative.

This piece of music however talks directly to your heart in ways that are intensely personal, arousing an authentic sense of empathy if you’ve ever found yourself hanging around in such as lonely position. Words drift in and out plotting a course over the uncomplicated yet devastatingly emotional musicianship that touches upon the spirit of Jazz and Blues alongside a contemporary electronic impulse. Maybe that in itself is one of the answers as these sounds have nourished our collective souls for what seems like an eternity. Stunning melancholy redefining what is called beautiful.



ZW – Wulfman – Rekids

And this is precisely why I love this label. It can release music of such tranquil, melancholy perfectly realised for the moment like this, then by the next breath pulverising, brutal structures. Zeb Wayne returns to the fold with this emotionally drenched blend of dramatically enriched vocals care of Ziwi plus an amalgamation of finely tuned musical (as in musical) expression that encompasses everything from piano to pulsating machines and real drums. Originally from 2016 none-the-less as songs go this is still a joy. The new remixes then translate other aspects into being beginning with co-writer for the score of The Revenant, Alva Noto who injects more tense atmospheres into the equation. Leaving Calibre to sequence dancefloor sensibilities alongside irrepressible rhythms into his version, while Radio Slave re-imagines it all via syncopated beats and percussion plus bass amid splashes of vocal across some ten minutes of persuasive anticipation.

Release: July 14