Osunlade and Carlos Mena – Los Tambores Te Llaman – Ocha Records

The suggestion of late nights and early morning light is never far from possibility as these smoky, emotionally soulful rhythms seduce you while celebrating the labels 100th release. Los Tambores Te Llaman is presented in an array of mixes (including the Osunlade original) and is now accompanied by an English language version, but whatever your choice may be the depths of Carlos Mena’s spoken word are truly satisfying. The sound of brisk drums lift the grooves alongside a gentle sprinkle of atmospheric keys and percussionist Tony Rosa adds fire to the imagination with the Casamena mixes hitting heights. Alternatively if you want it stripped down to bare basics then both acapella’s are included in all their glory.

Release: March 6

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carlos-menaCarlos Mena
Deep Forever More
Yoruba Records

Three brand new tracks adore this latest release from Carlos Mena and as you might well expect they combine the words: deep, pounding yet evocative House music. The release opens with the self-explanatory Bang It which has Osunlade intone its title until you well and truly receive the message. Musically its edgy fusion of scratchy beats plus pulsating stabs that will see this placed firmly on the dancefloor, and is accompanied by an instrumental should you so desire. Elegba then explores tribal percussion, expressive chords/ vocals and even fretless bass, while Deep Forever More returns to a clash of more challenging electronics alongside a spoken message that resonates in timeless fashion.

Release: February 8 2016.



Illusion EP

This EP’s title is tailor made for those who like it deep, tough and forward-thinking. Indeed the title track: Illusion is quite something, verging on excellence. Driven by a rich amalgamation of dark, brooding beats, probing bass and a smouldering vocal that cuts to the chase this first-rate arrangement of imaginative sounds stamps Tribal, House and even Techno boxes. Complimented neatly by the Everything version, and then by the contrasting fizzy electronics of Wolves this proves to be yet another notable release from Kittball.

Release: Beatport February 23

Two Diggers PicTwo Diggers feat James Dexter
Fatback EP

Another intriguing production to bring to your attention is this three track release on James Dexter’s relatively new Inermu imprint. Opening via the smoky Disco flavours of Fatback which blends sampled subtlety just as much as it does pounding beats, there is something just that bit different, more creative going on here. The even friskier Queen then sets pulses racing with deeper repeating intensity, while the final number To The Blues may well hint at their influences and features another fiery bassline amid a frenzy of drums and voices (assisted this time by James Dexter).

Release: March 14