Yulia Niko – Man Like Star – Deeperfect

It’s not often, in fact it is very rare that we review two releases from the same label in the one week but Yulia Niko’s inevitably stunning new single merits it. I’ve probably said this before too as for me important music feeds the soul with imagination, emotion and even radical discourse (personal or otherwise). The thought processes that occupy Man like Star ignite all of those attributes with each sound and rhythm being carefully selected for maximum effect. This is musically soulful but also probing, questioning the nature of things via its spoken, cinematic voice-over alongside an array of musicality. Two remixes accompany the original, both excellent, with Farid Odilbekov’s rugged bass fuelled version feeling particularly tempting, as indeed is August Artier’s sizzling, percussion-packed take that never fails but to excite with the keys and voice all adding extra punch in context.

Release: January 24



Christian Burkhardt, Sascha Dive – Fast Forward EP – Deeperfect

Let’s begin the new decade at this point. Like House Music never really died, it just altered mutating into new, equally exciting forms. And you get that feeling as the bass and drums kick into gear on Forward, suggesting a yearning fed by rigorous rhythms and tough, hard-edged production values. Funky yet technological. Backward, doesn’t do so but points at ways forward via emotive voices alongside pounding beats, all creating a sense of resonating space. Finally, Per Hammar remixes Backward highlighting seductive, breathy vocals plus a definitive sting in the percussive tail as underlying sounds unfold to heighten, then explode tension.

Release: January 10