Music Man Records

deeArriving just ahead of Deetron’s superb, full scale long player is this new single featuring Ben Westbeech’s soul drenched vocals. This kind of shimmers with sparkling synthesizer sequences yet has a darker, brooding undercurrent as the arrangement lifts and drops throughout lending it an uncertain edge. But, it’s the combination of hypnotic, electronics and flawless human voice which sounds so both distinctive and unique. Karizma’s Kaytronik Wiv’em remix then proceeds to transform it via moodier, insistent chords and less of the sparkle, but which none-the-less succeeds in giving the vocals all the more impact. The Will Sual & October version drops any sense of melody opting instead for an assault of beats and bass which offset by the soulfulness of the voice works impressively. Leaving the Instrumental of the original mix for you to compare and contrast.

release: October 7


Angel Moraes ft.Chanel
Stay With Me
Good For You Records Black Label

angelMORAESIn stark contrast comes this from Angel Moraes who’s infectious Garage flavours are set to add a smile to your face. Having just missed the summer there’s something delightfully reminiscent of good-times here as punchy piano lines bounce over shuffling rhythms and breezy, accessible melodies. Kenny Summit & Abdul Shakir’s Ridiculous Mix conversely adds a heavier tribal feel to the drums and a bit more welcome intensity to the vocal, while Lenny RX & Justin Time’s Deepah Dub supplies a deeper atmosphere offset by skipping hi-hats. Finally W. Jeremy’s Dub Dance Mix gets sassy with the bassline alongside hints of the vocal to end the labels second release.

release: October 21


Breakin Raw EP

RSTLSSTRX011eThis EP from the London trio has been knocking around for a couple of weeks now but just in case it has passed you by then let me highly recommend it. Shake It Off opens with the kind of intensity you can only relish in. It doesn’t do that much apart from loop a killer organ-based groove into distraction, but then this delicious heavy-duty rhythm track proves to be simply irresistible. The almost equally striking Da One continues a similar theme, as Mind Ya Biz feels almost melodic in comparison. While i&i finishes with smokin’ Afro styled beats and bass on this thankfully uncompromising, and very tasty, release.


Reviews: 11

Crazy P
When We On
2020 Vision

It feels good to be alive. That’s how this album makes you feel. New single, Open For Service states the intention with breezily accessible disco being the order of play. But not one to sit still Crazy P transport you through a series of changes that incorporate all thats been good in dance music from the past number of decades. Two things are patently apparent: 1) the playing is par excellence 2) Danielle Moore’s vocals are hot – listen to The Unbearable Lightness Of Being for lessons in soul. This leads neatly onto the fact that this album is about impressive songs and emotive music, and that’s a good place to be at in 2011. Plenty of other tracks of note too, love the Womack (I think) sampling Heartbreaker and Eruption which so obviously epic it hurts. As they used to say back then, a touch of class. 9

album released Sept. 19


Roots Panorama
‘Threee EP’
Versatile Records


Roots Panorama aka Deetron and Ripperton must love living life on the edge if this vibrant clash of noise is something to go by. You will need to listen really intently to the Deetron mix of Three otherwise you might lose yourself in the midst of fierce techno rhythms and a killer House bassline, with an array of insistant electronic sound filling in the spaces between. And just to make the point again, a Beeetz version follows – you get the need for the three eee’s now. The Ripperton mix then destroys the template to get deeper with yet more devastating bass and this time classic piano which come together in a priceless, uplifting moment. 8

released Sept. 26