Pan Amsterdam x Iggy Pop – Mobile – Def Pressé

For the record Pan Amsterdam are everything I used to love about the spoken word. Clever, informed combinations of poetical polemics that sting, accompanied by music that twists and reworks old formulas into something excitedly defiant, screwing up the past, reflecting todays mood swings. And who else but the timeworn voice of Iggy Pop to set it all alight. But once again Mobile delivers wordplay you want to listen to and digest, if it was printed you would want to read it out loud. There is also something deliciously oddball about all of this which only adds to the sense of subtle revolution, I suspect containing a hidden anger in amongst all of those Jazzy blasts of horn. ‘And a Powerbomb.’

Flipping the 7” release is the brutally brilliant, 15 Seconds. Contrasting emotions of bitter/ sweet words then smoulder as the doo-wop styled harmony sings out a beautiful melody, amid forlorn, in the dead of night, Trumpet. Priceless.

Release: 7” Vinyl March 15



Pan Amsterdam X Open Mike Eagle – No Snare – Def Pressé

From the very opening bars of No Snare the stripped down yet resolutely beautiful trumpet by Leron Thomas intones a suggestion of what comes next. Of course this being Pan Amsterdam a nod to the past is employed and while you may recognise the vibe blown there is a timeless quality to both their definition of music and the words worked around that idea. The point for me is that you want to listen to what is being said, rather than it being shouted at you, there is much thought going on in the process. Tastefully crisp. Shinning bright like the low winter sun. Hit repeat.

Release: January 18