Zen Haizer – Sunwasp EP – Digital Devil Recordings

Sunwasp is one of those holy s**t moments that doesn’t bother too much (if at all) about niceties or careful planning. Zen Haizer’s blistering Acid attack represents a gun full of attitude, smoking beats and unrelenting, furious electronic fever. Feast your ears below. Next, Match Point delivers a variation on the theme this time with a shuffle to the groove, leaving the caustic tones of Genetiic Bassmensch to end where it all began.

Release: February 3



Belours – In Fire – Digital Devil Recordings

Hold on to anything you can grab hold off (recommended). I love this no holds barred, ignore the cliques, burn the rulebook production that is primed to blow more than the doors off. This is the debut release from the French artist and if this bass grinding, energy defining arrangement is anything to go by, well you can guess the rest. This will get under your skin coursing excitedly though your vessels leaving an indelible sensation. One way or the other. Guaranteed.

Release: March 31
Beatport Exclusive March 17: https://www.beatport.com/label/digital-devil-recordings/60358