Dino Lenny – I’ve Learned That – Crosstown Rebels

Dino Lenny’s most recent releases have been statements of intent. I’ve Learned That, talks that same language with a refreshingly, direct breath. On this occasion fuelling the words are rugged bass and resilient, jazzy reflections landing in the shape of emotive piano chords. Soulfully loaded, filled with timely lessons for life enhanced by the innate power of the music, both punching points home. Remixes come with his own funkier version along with Fed Conti, a hugely energised Shadow Child, plus a stripped down Jonathan Kaspar take that explores as much as it penetrates.

Release: March 17
Buy https://lnk.to/CRM288


Dino Lenny – Did This – R&S Records

I was trying to think of something clever about Dino Lenny to entice you into reading the remainder of this review but as you will already know his music is exemplary in so many ways. You can never quite guess what you are going to hear but rest assured it will be a collection of exciting ideas colliding to push boundaries, shaking up boredom and clique out of complacency. Did This is proudly no exception. Sizzling with edgy Acidic undertones, fiery Jazzy piano alongside twisted rave era stabs talking up a riot, plus drums that ignite rhythm and movement as his own voice narrates the story. Listen for yourself.

Release: February 10
buy https://randsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/did-this


Dino Lenny – You Little Punk – Fine Human Records

One of the most intoxicating and excellent records this year, which given the mountain of monotony you have to wade through to get there its prize proves all the more rewarding in the end. If you love the type of dark bass tones which smoulder, drums which punch through the crisp air, plus dangerous synths that sizzle then you are half way there. The cool precision of the completing voice then ignites the remaining space via a defining complexity containing the words punk and drunk, which of course are some of my very favourite possibilities. Music is there to get excited about after all. The perfect choice for the remix is realised by Damon Jee who adds a fierce, coarse electrifying intensity to it all delivering the robust alternative. More please.

Release: December 4


Listen / buy https://www.beatport.com/release/you-little-punk/3192277


Dino Lenny – Dis Kollect – Fine Human Records

This is fucking excellent. Dino Lenny’s output has of course been stunning over the years and this collection of released and unreleased tracks only heightens the thought. From the punk-funk of Deep & Dark through to the twisted Tech of Go Down To Mexico the producers music never misses a trick, or the chance to excite and surprise you in the ways good music always should. The provocative Techno Is Dead says more than most while the high energy, rave stabs of Let Me Hear Ur Sick transports you back somewhere else entirely. Gardens of God then complete the picture with a remix Deep & Dark that sequences syncopation into insane levels of anticipation. Sitting on the fine line between House, Techno and all the diverse influences that inspired those genres in the first place, Fine Human produce music to ignite the process of life.

Release: April 10

pre-order https://www.beatport.com/release/dis-kollect/2898812




Dino Lenny Q&A

lenny1Your latest single ‘Don’t Believe’ EP for Crosstown Rebels offshoot Rebellion feels like Dance music of the future. Can you talk us through how you produced the title track?

I was in the studio with my mate Joshi and we started playing around with some synths, it was quite abstract and moody at the beginning. I wrote and some 70s progressive lyrics over it and it sounded different & real. A dark record with a warm soul. Music is like cooking, sometimes you need to drop a little cream into the tomato sauce to take off the acid edge.


Where did it all start for you: which Dj’s/ Clubs first inspired you?

I actually started in a radio in Cassino called Radio Jolly I was only 13 I just loved vinyl and they had loads. Then I discovered mixing and it was all over. I played for a long time for a club called Axis and the boss and partner Chris used to go to Ibiza quite often to Ibiza and come back with a lot of Amnesia tapes, we used to love the Balearic vibe, was a great inspiration for us. I ended making quite a few Balearic records and playing quite a lot in Ibiza with Made in Italy.

How did you get into producing? Any favourite pieces of studio equipment you like to use these days?

I got into producing buying my first sampler: an Akai 950. That I actually still have it, seems to be very much in demand for the low sample rate it has, people like dirty stuff these days 😉
My favourite piece of equipment is my voice, now that’s really dirty.

What’s the story behind the re-release of ‘The Magic Room’ due out in May on your own Fine Human Records?

This Magic Room was released very softly in 2014, the artist name was ‘Loden In Ny’ which simply is an anagram of Dino Lenny. The feedback was so incredible that people were asking ‘why isn’t this record a hit?’ So I thought about giving it a proper release getting some good remixes. Doorly’s boosted the original mix and it was so spot on that we decided to use both our names to give it maximum exposure.  I think it deserves it’s quite an eclectic record, I just love the message and the positivity.


How would you compare the Dance Music culture of 2015 to when you first began to DJ/ Produce?

I think it’s all back on track now, we had a few dark years when we thought that people were not going to look back anymore. Evolution & Technology is great but it doesn’t necessarily mean quality. I know it’s strange but sometimes I like Djs that mix slightly out tempo but then put it back in time. I like music with an emotion, with a human factor. That’s why my label is called Fine Human Records.

lenny2Where can people hear you DJ?

I’m going to be playing with Maceo Plex at the Ellum parties quite often.