Roland Leesker – Music Is Here – Get Physical Music

Defining the inescapable consequence that music is well and truly here the irrepressible Roland Leesker once again delivers sounds of note and distinction. Taking the fiery inflections of Chicago Acid as its starting point the arrangement channels robust bass and punchy drums together like an orgy of sleazy excitement. Addictively tantalising the rhythms are all hot and steamy while the commanding voice adds the human touch to the sizzling electronics. Who else then but DJ Pierre to provide the remix. And it comes as no surprise that the tough, invigorating results send snare drums dancing and grainy 303’s sequencing somewhere else entirely. Beautiful music may not always sound pretty.

Release: October 11

DJ Pierre – Strobe Light Laser ACID (Remixes) – Get Physical Music

When a record describes itself Strobe Light Laser ACID you can quickly paint your own picture of events. Although, it may not quite allow for the brutal brilliance of Chus & Ceballos’s unholy remix which adds extra Kick to the word Drum. An excellent production by anyone’s standard setting off tribal intensity against brisk Acid lines and that nod to Frankie Goes To Hollywood may all be a bit much to take – unless it happens to be 3 in the morning. Next, DJ Pierre’s Phuture project co-conspirator Lessnoise delivers a MoreAcid Mix proving to be no less captivating, though provides a more introspective take with rumbling Acid spinning out over resolutely tough beats and bass.

Release:June 29


DJ Pierre – Wild Pitch: The Story – Get Physical

If you haven’t already got excited about this release then you will be. Not least of all because The Story only runs to a limited edition of 300 vinyl copies i.e. be quick! But also because much of this music came to define so much of our nightlife, albeit in many of these cases with fresh interpretations updating for 2017, plus a handful of newer tracks. This list does read like a handful of classics from Master Blaster to Let The Music Take You Higher and came to define the flip-side to the more cliqued sounds and styles usually associated (and now copied) with the decade. Beginning with Pierre’s excellent interpretation of Blunted Dummies – House For All, there is a version of Donna Summer’s I Feel Love featuring Chic Loren’s vocal which you obviously also need to hear, and you may well spot a few surprise samples along the route of this selection. No time to waste.

Release: November 24



Reviews: 163

Yo Yo Honey
Groove On (DJ Pierre Wildpitch Remix)
Black Sugar Music

First things first. This is an all-time House classic (not in the overplayed sense) but what else can you call it? So ok, you may be wondering why this has been credited to YoYo Honey, who released their debut album in 1992. The simple answer is that Pierre remixed Groove On for the album, however as it bizarrely wasn’t used the record company allowed him to release it under his own name for Emotive Records in 1994. Now that’s been cleared, try this and relive all that sizzling, looped intensity for yourself, and if you’re in the enviable position of hearing this for the first time – lucky you!!!

Release: 7 Jan 7 2016

Terry Francis
Gasworks EP
Default Position

Great production from Terry Francis that combines an effortless funkiness together with a probing forward-thinking texture of sounds. Intistars, opens the EP with insistent beats hooking up with taught bass, and a flash of old-time vocal samples lending this a mid-eighties cut-up flavour. The excellent title track follows with darker moods explored via an addictive Detroit styled bassline accompanied by an array of captivating sound effects punctuating the probing arrangement. Two first rate remixes compliment the original, one from Darren Roach & finally a punchy Joseph S Joyce version.

Pump Action EP

Another great release from VIVa this time sees Majesty deliver five feisty new jams that wear his references proudly. The not so subtle Pump Actions starts with a rolling bassline, a classic Disco stab and punchy vocal edits that will breathe life into even the most jaded out there. Full of life and energy the likewise Body Rock follows in a blaze of sirens and fiery snares. Next, Thump does exactly that via fizzy drum machines, while the ultra-funky swing of Money Clip gets down with no delay. Which leaves the shuffling intensity of Master System to end with an imaginative blend of moods and styles.

Release: December 4