Stimmhalt – Dreams – Rebellion

As debuts go. This is unequivocally s**t hot. Smokey, rebellious while not afraid to tear at the edges of sound with its grainy, dark synthesizers Stimmhalt’s initial release for the label contrasts it all with some timely, rather sublime percussion adding a sense of soulful, funkiness to the arrangement. Evolving over some eight minutes and ending up with soaring, improvised instrumentation breathing bliss this is yet another standout from the label. Which, in this instance comes with a tougher rendition from Pezzner whose undulating sequences are things of compelling beauty.

Release: June 16


Re.You – Dreams – Mobilee

Mobilee once again delivers hot and heavy music this time round care of the excellent Re. You who equally pulls few punches with this electronically, sonically charged stereo assault. The blistering Acid informed lines of Dreams set movement in motion with tense, intense rhythms that both inform and invigorate the airwaves. Contrasting perfectly are the deeper, more soothing tones of The Feeling as bubbling bass notes drift over uncomplicated drums to help ease the previous tension.

Release: May 12