Various Artists – Broken Memories Part 1 – Just This

With music escaping into the next decade the excitable whir of electronically generated atmospheres appear all the more appealing as time moves on. Losing the past seems like the appropriate thing to do as new movements of sound talk in the fresh language of today’s context: questioning, sometimes uncertain, sometimes knowing all there is to. Emmanuele Nicosia and Martino Bertola aka Hunter/Game release this first in their series of Broken Memories compilations suggesting a disengagement with history while, as you will experience, diving headlong into an exploration of the future. Christian Loeffler’s beautifully tense Lost begins as the numbers trip equally between the dancefloor and the more mindful, heady space of your imagination. The music never feels overly complicated by virtue of saying enough via the use of mood and rhythm such as on Pisetzky’s wonderfully haunting Bakwas. Likewise on their own track, Dead Soul contrasting the image generated with playful motifs igniting a dignified celebration of the joy inherent in life. The grainy reality of Eduardo De La Calle, Mondo 8 also hits home as indeed does all of the ten pieces of music included. All are varyingly sublime in their own diverse right.

Release: September 27

Eduardo de La Calle – The Simplectic Geometry EP – Olga Recordings

There’s something starkly mathematical about Eduardo de La Calle’s haunting new production that I can’t quite put into words. Maybe it’s down to the sheer brute, electrical force that ignites its machine generated grooves, or maybe it is the way I’m plugged into listening. Either way this is a brisk, grainy experience that never falls short of feeling intriguing, compelling even, in all sorts of excellent ways. One of which I imagine is a reference to the classical minimal composers such as Steve Reich on the brilliant, Amplitude Morphology. The brutal architectures of Echo Reminders follows with stabbing keys illuminating an unforgiving tomorrow. Leaving, Tribute to Scott Roggo feeling the funkiest of the three – if that’s the appropriate word – channelling classic Acid notation across eight minutes of unquestionable pleasure.

Release: April 26


Vinicius De Moraes
Modernism And Bosa Nova
el/ Cherry Red Records

VINICIUS DE MORAESIf the title doesn’t immediately grab you then music most certainly shake you upside down. Although almost despite its title the music owes as much to the film’s it sound tracked as it does to the bright lights and rhythmic swing of Rio de Janeiro. To put this into context Vinicius De Moraes wrote the play that became the infamous Black Orpheus as well as co-writing The Girl From Ipanema made famous by Joao and Astrud Gilberto. The tracks shuffle between the highly charged atmosphere opening Orpheus of the Carnival (Overture) from 1956 and the Latin flair of Ana Lucia’s Agua de beber, alongside the torch song vocals of Alaide Costa and Baden Powell’s acoustically strummed Sem voce. Occasionally words are spoken, but mostly sung while the music all contains a certain sparkle that transcends the time and language barrier remarkably well. Indeed, if the sun remains accompanied by Cocktails in the evening this could well be your winning spring/ summer soundtrack.


Alex Mine and Stiv Hey
The Paths EP

There is little else to say about Closen Path apart from it ROCKS. And if you get sucked in by the idea of grinding, relentless repetition then this is just perfect. Sitting somewhere between Techno and House, although frankly more of the former, these pulverising grooves are irresistible with dark voices teasing alongside crisp drums and a tense arrangement of sounds. Separate Path repeats the formula this time with more emphasis on the bass tones and again comes with twisted vocals adding colour.

release: March 17

Eduardo De La Calle
The Motorglider EP
Cadenza Records

Another slice of captivating music from Cadenza sees the Spanish producer once again stun you with an array of captivating sounds. Beginning with the delicate, rich textures of Somewhere In Your Arms which plays a set of original electronics over pulsating tribal beats feeling musical and progressive – in the sense that its transporting you somewhere new. Next, Altar De Sacrificio is altogether more Tech with sparkling synths offset by brooding pads in the cinematic sense, while final track Broken Bonus twits moody stabs over cool broken beats to complete this first rate EP.

release: March 4