Nolan – Crew Love EP – Soul Clap

The second time I listened to the opening track on Nolan’s super-hot release for the likewise Soul Clap imprint was just to make sure it sounded as brilliant on repeat. It did. I love music that’s feels this special, which sounds as if it’s located in its own dimension, which doesn’t seek to sound like everything else out there. Go, which features the deliriously, smouldering vocals of Forrest does all those things as uncomplicated drums, hits of guitar and emotive, swirling pads fill out the spaces in-between. It is a song too and one which doesn’t regurgitate Disco (relief). Which leads me onto Standing On My Own Tower that for some reason reminds me of Eno’s outstanding vocals from the 1970’s and is accompanied by the sort of heart-tearing music that doesn’t come cheap. Tell Me, washes over you in a breath of harmonious voices, while Would Be completes via chiming rhythms along with yet more words of meaning from Forrest.

Release: August 31


Nolan feat. Forrest

Yet another sterling production from Nolan who makes it all sound so effortless but then that’s life after all. The original version slides by in a haze of shuffling funk driven by probing bass stabs accompanied by synthesised flourishes and capped off by Forrest’s deft vocal dexterity. Raumakustik deliver a cool contrast with their remix adding an edge to the groove but then explore a rousing rush of chorus mid-point. Next, P.A.C.O. transform it all via looped electronics plus deeper moods which unfurl into hypnotic piano punctuated emotions suiting the vocal right down to the ground. Kitball have released a number of gems this past year, this is one more.

Release: December 16