Frankey – Sing – Poker Flat Recordings

The key to this production is tension. As layers of sound are introduced so does the pressure increase. And yet you can feel an almost improvised Jazziness at play here too with piano strikes contrasted by a chorus of heavenly voices. The drums are typically smouldering while sound effects and treatments pick out spaces creating further dialogue, all in all this is an excellent piece of music. Then, Satellite delivers a message in words that captivate and inform as taught beats and keys punctuate the intention in four-four time, feeling like contemporary Acid could and should.

Release: July 3

Frankey – Dream – Poker Flat Recordings

Frank Beckers alias delivers music that should have you jumping in the aisles as its startling succession of fiery drums and hot-wired electricity does pure damage to the senses. The title track unfolds with layers of dangerous keys alongside a probing urgency that resolves somewhat upon the arrival of tripped out vocal, but not before creative juices flow in excess. Clocking in at almost nine minutes of pure solution this has anthemic stamped all over it. Next, Rotary sequences a series of melodic notation that is all at once addictive and yet soulfully satisfying. What more is there?

Release: July 5