Gruth – Somnum Exterreri – Urubu Tapes

It’s 9am. I switch on with caffeine, close my eyes losing one of five senses and get lost in this extraordinary experience. As Dance Music grapples with its very raison d’etre with people limited in reacting via the rhythm of movement other forms fill in the gaps. Following on from 2018’s Laments the sound artist continues to explore the language of cause and effect with contrasting moods and atmospheres. Just as one unholy alliance speaks it is soon resolved by the stroke of seemingly warmer instrumentation offering holy resolution. The two extended pieces which occupy this limited cassette/ digital release comprise of the church inspired chants of Somnum Exterreri I featuring db55 and Somnum Exterreri II which introduces a wash of guitars into the mix resolute with the prayer of echoed bells. Both offer landscapes to survey as sound fractures then reconstructs an architecture of difference. Not for faint hearts but for the rewards of other imaginations….

Release: October 15


Listen to a six hour mix from Gruth including Somnum Exterreri I (feat. db55) at around 4.17


Gruth – Laments – Tormenta Electrica

Forming a part of Juha Puuperä and his sonic output I want to use the word music to describe this yet can’t seem to grasp it. In many ways this informs more of an experience, albeit a startling one, which journeys into terrains of sound. Unsettling, Brutal, Unforgiving. But rewarding, thought-provoking escapism that will thrust you forward into somewhere else entirely. Perhaps even into a different reality, it’s that powerful. Please don’t expect gentle, wistful melodies or reaching to be a star Tech. This runs much deeper than that. God knows where, upon completion, it will all end up? Although there are moments which dissolve into light relief, you just need to know where to look. Listen below. The feeling might never leave you.

Release: Limited-edition cassette + digital on July 31.