Strapontin – The End of Logic – Hard Fist

Epic in every sense of the word. This is the power of music saying more than words sometimes can. The opening Nervous Days is simply too inviting to ignore with its sassy flair of drums, smouldering voices and bass stabs all commanding the floor. The End of Logic marks the tenth release from the label while also serving as Strapontin’s debut as a video game producer (see video below) while proving wonderfully hard to categorise making it even more appealing. But the Nice One! then continues with a low-slung rapture again complete with grinding drums plus shivering effects, with Thomass Jackson supplying a weird and wonderful remix. Likewise the industrial grind of Miss Mickey the Dumbs, also has an equally tempting version this time via the delicious, shimmering syncopation provided by Damon Jee.

Release: October 15