Steffen Sonnenschein – Flooded – Holy Grail Music

A genuinely impressive piece of music that engages you in ways that others simply don’t while feeding your head with emotional opportunity and the resilience of movement. Not afraid of musicality either care off soulfully tuned chords and notes, discarding many of the restricting constraints of history, this is the sound of music seeking out something possible. Created without maximum fuss Flooded Alley feels like it is journeying across a sea of motion reaching out towards a conclusion over ten eloquent plus minutes, completing via an unmistakable yet quiet crescendo of supporting pads. That wealth of rich feeling is then expanded on Hot Spring with the space of stereo explored in captivating ways. Leaving the punchier electronics of Lang Cu Lan to confirm, amidst the captivating melodic chimes and insistent eighties syncopation, that this is something special.

Release: November 25



Beije – Deciduous (The Remixes) – Holy Grail Music

Resonating with the pulse of defiance these new versions of Beije’s sublime Deciduous echo the originals defining ambience but are this time fused with a heavier intensity. First is the Steffen Sonnenschein remix adding a heavenly brush of ethereal atmosphere, underpinned by brutal bass plus crisp percussion, all proving to be quite something special. Next, the tribal dance of Doan’s dark drums travel across eight minutes of contrasting light and shade as the delicate keys are redefined by alternating moods, again something special.

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