P̩tra РAunis РInjazero Records

Pétra are in reality Brian Allen Simon (aka Anenon) and Chantal Chadwick. They create unfolding landscapes of sound which brush over you in shimmering, grainy waves. Hydra is a case in point, while lighter relief is gained via the chiming ambience that infuses Landes. Often the music has an uneasy tension which sets it apart from the background of chilled noise which might be labelled as ambient. It is of course atmospheric to the point of being occasionally haunting and all of the compositions have a deeper quality which may, or may not, suggest something else entirely. Primarily recorded in Nisyros, Greece and the name itself Pétra means stone, rock. I didn’t know this already. We all do now. Minor details perhaps when you absorb the full scale of emotion generated by listening to the whole idea. Meanwhile, try Tavel with its undulating, beat-less rhythms and probing cinematic depth combining real instrumentation against synthesized imagination, which seeks out something in your soul. Indeed, do try it all.

Release: September 20



Heinali – Iridescent – Injazero Records

Oleg Shpudeiko aka Heinali revisits his alias once again, for the purpose of this album, to deliver a cascade of shimmering motifs which resonate together like fire and ice. There is a dramatic depth of emotion reached for via the conduits of electronic sounds which are times gentle, reassuring and at others simply stark. Iridescent, for example explores the brutal architecture of techno without the drum machines and is almost overwhelming. Whereas the proceeding, Shadow Invention imagines melancholy scenarios that pulse and fuse the airwaves with poignancy. Either way you’re left with the feeling that something wonderful has just crossed your horizon as the music dives and rises across boundaries of mood and expectation.

Release: October 12