Jose Padilla
International Feel

A gentleman who needs little introduction is the infamous Jose Padilla and if you’ve either witnessed one of his sunset sets, or indeed lisented to one of his numerous CD compilations then you can guess what you’re about to receive. Which is, of course, tranquil blissed-out music espousing atmosphere rather dancefloor clique. The title track undulates in a deeply satisfying way as gentle layers of voice, flute and percussion underpin it all close to your heart, with Mark Barrott’s production shinning. The Bubble Clubs In Loving Memory Mix provides a more hypnotic experience with haunting pads and delays comfortably pacing themselves, while the excellent Wolf Müller Water versions add a funkier sensibility to the equation, and one which works supremely well.

release: July 7

Inxec & Julia Govor
Ai Need You

Delivering yet another devilishly charged release Superfreq maintain the tension with this latest from Inxec & Julia Govor. The Original version is all sassy, funky electronics set against a dazzling array of twisted effects and gorgeous, breathy voices all of which simply stuns. Great remixes come from Derek Marin whose dark, trippy rendition contains a classic House B-line and all sorted accompanying percussion. Plus, Meandisco who supply even weirder synths and pulverising beats. Leaving, Noel Jackson’s more sensuous remix to complete with warmer meanderings.

release: July 7

David K
Middle Aged Romance EP

Two tracks go to make up this tasty EP from David K who you will be know with via his releases on the likes of Freak n’Chic and Coccon etc. The charmingly titled, Middle Aged Romance kicks things off with a selection of deeper, sensuous tones alongside fiery drum machines all vying for your attention amidst occasional strident House chords feeling compelling. However, its second track and the very excellent, Drop The Beat that relentlessly grabs your attention with killer Chicago styled beats booming, coupled with commanding vocals and insistent percussion lines – Party Monster!

release: August 20



Mark Barrott
Sketches From An Island 2
International Feel

Mark Barrott is the person behind the acclaimed International Feel Recordings and you can check out his blog on Balearic culture below – I’d happily recommend that you do. But back to the music contained on this latest release, which acts as a taster for the forthcoming album to be released in June. What can I say other that it contains some seriously beautiful music. On board are the nine minutes of the blissful Formentera Headspace Blues (Pt’s. 1 & 2) which sets the scene for the mood of combined positive rhythms and inner vibes. Deep Water then follows smoothly on with haunting woodwind accompanied by pulsating percussion, while Go Berri Be Happy chimes perfectly with acoustic guitar and fuzzy bass. My favourite track is next, Essene which is picture perfect guitar and strings and I could listen it all day with pleasure. Back To The Sea ends the sense of release with the appropriate sound effects as slide guitar gently drifts off, as you will do, into the ether. This is music you can drink in: Smile and be happy.

release: May 5

L A Williams
Lucid EP
Sounds Of Juan

Not always registering as my sound this distinctly Techno number is however high on atmosphere and intensity. Crafted by a succession of unnerving sounds and whirling repetition this captivating production deftly captures your imagination on Lucid. Second track, Night Walker again creatively fusses brooding sounds together with a dark intense groove that bubbles away with anticipation. Listen below….

release: May 5

All Weekend
Savage Music

Infectious techy production from Cabarza who follows up his debut Daydreaming most impressively. Just the one mix for you to get your teeth into but then who needs another when it’s this good. Taught bass, hard hitting beats and jazzy snares drive this alongside vocal hits and the odd synth stab and effect. I guess you could say its strength lies in its simplicity.

Faded Ranger
Be On The Lookout
hfn music

Ahead of their new album is this taster to wet your appetite. In ways it’s the instrumental version of Be On The Lookout that proves to be great but then that would deny you the pleasure of these curious, rather enticing lyrics. Musically it’s a slightly oddball combination of House organ and staccato guitar like rhythms which are driving, funky and commanding. The Faded Rethink lacks some of the certain charm but then it is a tougher rendition.

release: April 28

Rory More
Looking for Lazlo
Sudden Hunger Records

Spring has sprung just in time to soak this album’s glorious rendition of dreamy 60’s melodies and cinematic atmosphere’s. Rory More’s sterling production values ignite this seamless soundtrack in a blaze of Technicolor with the opening title to the album saying it all amidst hazy horns and rousing chords. Songs adorn numbers such as Gabriel’s Theme with Anna Sheard’s dreamy voice adding extra appeal to the smoky vibes and rolling rhythms. Gemma Ray also provides vocals in her case to the jaunty No Air. Yes it’s all superbly retro but then there are plenty contemporary hints to revel in too via the imaginative synthesisers on offer. Frankly, there’s not a rubbish track on here and if you’re looking for a summer evening’s accompaniment then I would highly suggest this.