Steve Parry – Don’t You Ever Stop – Bedrock Records

Summer breaks can get things in perspective and returning to hear Steve Parry’s superlative production, as summertime begins to fade, positively sizzles with future expectations. It’s odd but listening to this instantly transports my mind back decades, which is maybe down to the nature of the vocal itself or perhaps the dark, synthesized, Acid rhythms that underpin it all. Either way this is a clever, creatively inspired piece of music to dance to, or to simply engage with sonically and emotionally. The remix comes from John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix who add cool, chord sequences to the tempting, rolling grooves resulting in a sense of warm melody heightening the arrangement, while keeping those addictive, soaring synth lines intact.

Release: August 26

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Quivver – Mumbo Jumbo / This Was – Bedrock Records

Quivver once again deliver electronic dance music with a difference. That is with Soul. Sure this is about gritty edges and brilliant electrics but this is also very much about emotion courtesy in this case of reverberating voices and poignant (hinting at the 90’s) keys on Mumbo Jumbo. Next follows more emotionally charged rhythms firing out across a bass heavy underscore and peppered with a breeze of fiery synthesizer hits plus chiming succession on the immensely beautiful This Was. Here now.