Vanessa Daou – Alcestis on the Poetry Circuit 2.0 – KID Recordings / DAOU Records

Continuing the retelling of her 1994 solo album Zipless Vanessa Daou’s inspired exploration of The Works Of Erica Jong proceeds with these excellent remixes by Roberto Rodriguez. Jazzy inflections are underpinned by robust drums and shuffling percussion as warm expanses of sound rebound around the vocalists breathy poetry, which when you listen closely says more than words can. The Rooted In Bondage Instrumental follows — referring to the story told, and for me it’s the aural texture which lives and breathes most resolutely – while highlighting all of the rich musical variety in full.

Release: May 24

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Snowed In: A Fireside Companion – KID Recordings

When someone says the clue is in the title in this case they couldn’t be more right. This collection of heart-warming numbers creates its own homely, reassuring sense of occasion which makes you want to keep reliving winters festivity all over again. The familiar, resonating strings of Stay K – Crosstown Rendezvous opens proceedings via jazzy reflections and let’s face it, is pretty much faultless. The haunting introspection of Mike Dominico – Mike’s Joint follows, though various theme’s develop as the countdown expands throughout the selection. Vanessa Daou’s beautifully, breathy delivery on – Snow (A Deeper Drift) sits effortlessly beside the joyus Ganga – Forgotten Dreams (feat. Ben Ghazi). And so the story goes. The fireside is equally attended to by Kevin Yost’s piano infused – So Far Away and beats plus rhythms are then picked-up to end via Larry Heard’s Nocturnal Mix of Ananda Project – I Hear You Dreaming, which transports you somewhere else entirely.

Release: February 2


Sylvia Black – Walking With Fire (feat. Jaleel Shaw) – KID Recordings

Enticing you into all kinds of wrongdoings or to reframe that thought: FUN. Is this smouldering, seductively perfect Jazz number that soars and screeches via Jaleel Shaw’s hot blasts of not-so-cool saxophone commanding your attention amid Sylvia Black’s devastating vocal delivery – all shock and much awe – plus Brazilian Girls’ Aaron Johnston deftly punctuating drums and percussion. Designed for subterranean adventures, preferably after midnight has chimed, the title points in the direction of a full album, while also to be located in the Dean Dempsey film ‘Deadman’s Barstool’.


Premier! Vanessa Daou + Brokenkites ‘Leaving Paris’ (KID Recordings)

Its our pleasure to announce this Premier at Magazine Sixty.

Leaving Paris is the haunting collaboration between electronic jazz-pop chanteuse Vanessa Daou and experimental electronic / IDM composer James Willard (aka Brokenkites) on KID Recordings. Inspired by author Collin Kelley’s novel ‘Leaving Paris’ (Part Three of ‘The Venus Trilogy’), the meditative torch-song conveys a sense of longing and romantic nostalgia for the eternal City of Lights. Daou’s bare lithe vocals and intimate poetic lyrics hover seductively over Brokenkites ambient electronic textures which coalesce into a delicate melodic epiphany that’s both hedonistic and transcendent.