Various Artists – Kindisch 2017 – Kindisch

As the title prompts this is a gathering of the labels finer moments from over the year which to be fair have thrown more than one gem along the way. Highlighting this collection of excellent, important sounds begins with the deeply, heart-tearing strains of ‘Sun Salute’ by atish, Bengal. The rich, beautiful intensity then continues via the apt ‘Magic Footsteps’ explored by Modd which is complimented by the swirling rush of DAVI’s ‘Kayser Soze’ next. Moods then proceed to lift and fall over a total of 17 complimenting pieces of music that include Franck D’s hyper ‘Feelin’ plus Sandro Beninati’s rolling ‘Night Mode’ which also concludes the selection. Typifying a great year for both creative, forward-pointing electronic music and for Get Physical’s sister label. Let’s see and hear just what happens next emanating out of Berlin while moving into 2018.

Release: December 22


Giorgia Angiuli – You Are My Religion – Kindisch


Kindisch once again excite and tantalise with their latest release from Florence based artist Giorgia Angiuli. You could almost say this, and tracks around like it, make a return to more interesting music than the conforming constraints of Disco cliques combining intriguing influences together with vibrant instrumentation, fizzy electronics and importantly vocals in the shape of song. Revive, delivers all of that, while the title track You Are My Religion feels punchier more succinct in contrast. Leaving the probing vocals of final number Miracle to grasp for a higher reality amid mood enhancing piano and smouldering voices. More please.

Release: July 21


Nico Stojan feat. JAW – OD 30 – Kindisch

A fabulous release of music and emotion from Nico Stojan who with the aid of JAW’s smoky, delicate vocals produces sounds that impact on both body and soul. The Original version is a thing of beauty with subtlety being the key here (rather than the usual mush of cliques that passes for a lot of so-called dance music today). The beats feel sassy, though restrained, leaving space for the strummed instrumentation to define the air in-between as the voice dances and the bass sings out Jazz fashion. Remixes come from NU, and Britta Unders who both lend their individual stamp to the track, although quite possibly the standout version is the beautifully realised Acoustic Remix which flies free and loose care of atmospheric strings augmenting the guitar and gorgeous bass notes.

Release: June 2



Kindisch Stories presented by Dance Spirit – Kindisch

Dance Spirit have been producing some stunning music for this past number of years so it was with some excitement that they get to portray their own unique blend of sights and sounds on this excellent compilation from Kindisch. As you should expect the music is sonically charged full of passion for forward-thinking ideas that positively brim and sizzle with the here and now. Featuring a number of their own productions plus with a series of exclusive remixes of the label’s back catalogue the duo pulzarise your senses by both dark and funky rhythms coupled with a sense of present danger. Plenty of highlights to express here but just a couple like their own remix of YokoO ‘Arid’, Ben Hoo ‘Modal’ and Nick Galemore’s ‘Redesigned’ are certainly breath-taking standouts for starters.

Release: April 21


Adeline (Culprit/ Kindisch) interview

Adeline-MikeMassaro-1Firstly can you tell us about your background in Sweden, how you first got into Dance music, Dj’ing and then producing it?

I started DJing back in 2005, and got very involved in the night life in Stockholm. I was hosting quite a few different nights at the time, and this was always a pleasurable and needed escape from my master degree studies at university. I was listening to quite a bit of electronic music when I grew up, although I wasn’t quite aware that it was particularly electronic at the time… Some that remain with me still to this day is early The Knife.

About two years after I started to DJ I went into making music. It was something I started out of total curiosity. And along those lines it was, it was never clear to me that this hobby would grow into a passion and I’d end up making it a career, but it’s been a very organically evolving path.

The What You Got EP is your new release for Culprit. How did you get introduced to the label?

I met Droog the first time last year at Sonar when we were all playing at the Rebelrave. That party was definitely one of the best memories I have from last summer!

The EP’s title track features your own vocals. Who inspired you to start singing, and do you have any plans for ‘live’ performance of your music?

I started singing when I was about 12 years old, I was soprano in my local church choir. I would love to do a live show, that’s one of my dreams. I’m just waiting for the moment to come.

Which were your favourite pieces of software/ hardware involved in producing the EP? And can you tell us about how you like to create a piece of music?

I have two software synths that I use a lot for my signature sounds, a Rob Papen and a KORG VST. But I’ve recently been getting really into hardware, and it’s helped me understand music in a new way. I’m very fond of my Slim Phatty for example!
It seems like the best lyrics evolve over time for me, sometimes this means years (!). As I’m coming from a background of writing songs, there is always the challenge of scaling down to the core of what I want to say, to make it fit into a more dancey context. The best tracks for me come from a state of calm and effortlessness. That’s why I’ve been very into meditating lately, it helps me feel more creative and reach for the unexpected.

avatars-000034339599-40g5dh-t200x200You live in London now. How would you describe the Dance music scene there, and which clubs do you like best?

The scene here, if we in that include creative people and the night life as it happens, has inspired me a lot. It’s very vibrant and compared to living in Sweden it’s like being in an all year around festival, considering how much amazing music you can experience every week. When I first came to London I used to go to a lot of warehouse parties, but I don’t so much anymore. Some of my favourites include Krankbrothers and Half Baked, I played with them both and they always keep the spirit high!

What are your plans for 2013?

I’m feeling very motivated to explore all sorts of stuff in the studio right now, so spending lots of time doing that is definitely one of my main aims. Then I’m considering a move from London, my inner urge to get back to the nature is calling! More on that to come… Apart from that I’m looking forward to a busy summer with lots of gigs!

What You Got EP reviewed at DMC magazine: