Did Virgo ft. Joanna
Come to my Galaxy
La Dame Noir Records

Marseille’s La Dame Noir is not only a record label but also a club, blog and bar which most of all means that they have the nerve to release music like this. It’s not too often you get to hear something that actually says something different to you. It’s usually: let’s get high, love each other, isn’t the sunset lovely etc etc all of which is very good (of course) although tackling, as in this case,  the left field can be as equally rewarding. And so to my pick of the week (even though it doesn’t really exist) the very excellent Work Addict. Dangerous, sassy and words like that do this some justice – listen below, you may agree. The title track then eases the tempo down to reveal more deepness, while Where is She proceeds to get deliciously moody again with Javi Redondo’s first rate remix feeling much tougher via an Acid twist.

Greg Paulus, John Camp, Brian Derdiarian
Scenes from our Classic Future

If you think that the title sounds picturesque just wait until you hear the music. Released just in time for summer playlists the downtempo gorgeousness of Remo captures the spirit of what’s hopefully over the horizon. From the classy vocal delivery by Greg Paulus to the laid back jazzy trumpet and occasional percussion this is simply lush. The tasty Tanner Ross Radio Edit slightly shortens the experience but adds bigger beats to the equation while retaining all the necessary ethereal qualities. Next track, Fire In The Sky goes Balearic in full swing with the aptly beautifull Surf Song returning to ambient climes to finish by augmenting twangy guitar and smooth 80’s kicks. Excellence.

release: June 14

Helmut Ebritsch
Souls Transmitting

If you haven’t yet encountered Helmut Ebritsch then please do so immediately. Souls Transmitting, is an album full of outstanding music for all scenario’s and occasions from the title tracks darkly, brooding landscape to the uplifting chord sequences of Revelations this crosses all the relevant T’s. There is the odd splash of heavy sounding Techno on route although even in this context it works well, but back to the beginning with Melodies of Power and its sinister yet spectacular atmospheres that are hard to beat…

release: June 2

JazzClub_1_383_383Paul Murphy Presents The Return Of Jazz Club

Been very much looking forward to spending time with this ace collection of Jazz via the legendary Paul Murphy. It’s been out for a couple of weeks now but as a lot of the music emanates from the 1950’s and there abouts’ that doesn’t feel like too much of an inconvenience. Anyway, the selection is per excellence with music from Sonny Rollins, the proto-rap of Eddie Jefferson (from 1968!), plus the heavy-swing of Flying Home by Arnett Cobb so believe me you are in for a treat. It’s amazing how just how vibrant the music still sounds and you still get that sense of heady excitement by listening, which is precisely why this Return is so significant. Tempted to buy the vinyl version too partly because as you can see the cover is so damn cool!



I-Robots present Klein & M.B.O.
Last Call
Opilec Music

The next vital release from Opilec is set to be released on this year’s Record Store Day. And if you aren’t already familiar with the heavily influential Klein & M.B.O from the notorious 80’s then here’s your chance to hear just why they were and still are. Appearing as the European Connection Unreleased Instrumental the number bears all the hallmarks of what was to happen next with Dance music with its shimmering bassline and electronics offset by breezy guitar and drum sounds all set to four on the floor. I-Robots provide two new versions that wash the arrangement in swathes of atmospheric synths, while Chicago stalwart Gene Hunt retains more of the originals playful feel with his two takes featuring the glorious syncopated b-lines in full. DJ Skull proceeds to loop it into distraction, leaving Headman aka Robi Insinna to deliver another killer blow maintaining all the Electro/ Italo Disco reference points succinctly.

release: Vinyl April 21/ Digital May 12

Forty Fings Dynamo
La Dame Noir Records

The new side project from Adrien (one half of Villanova) and Emmanuel aka Solofour kicks off in fine style with the EP’s title track. It’s all about the B-line here (again) with this euro-disco infused nugget sounding supreme chugging away alongside crisp beats and breathy spoken words, all proving dangerously addictive. My Favorite Robot deliver their own version complete with Electro drums aided by a more caustic bass and unsettling synths lending the vocal an altogether more disturbing twist – lovely. Excuse Me is next with more Acid/ Nu-Beat styled rhythms for your delectation with Alejandro Paz’s heavily treated remix providing an interesting alternative. All in all, a fine release of music.

release: April 21

Dark Beat (Addicted To Drums)

The title says it all really. Although originally released back in 2003 Dark Beat still retains its distinctive twisted drumming, though drops the melody of the vocal in favour of darker edits. Updated by Danny Daze with tribal pulsating, abrasive beats coupled with moody swirls of synth this feels every bit as hard, heavy and captivating, in either of the two new versions available here as way back then.

A Man Was Had
Restless Soul

Great new release from Restless Soul with Orinn’s neat fusion of influences sounding just great here. Centred around a tastefully soulful vocal delivery, plus a melodic sprinkling of synth tones and Tom Tom Club like keys, this shines centre-stage with a determined funkiness that has sunshine blazing all over it.

Out now:

The Unknown
BPitch Control

Dillion’s second album is a rather stunning affair. Opening with its title track, The Unknown the playlist proceeds to ignite your senses via the sometimes challenging array of emotions on display. From melancholy to melodic delicate vocals float their way across poignant piano and electronic sounds producing music that, is mercifully, hard to categorize yet so obviously mesmerizing. Beautifully produced – I wonder how Brian Eno would compliment it – it’s hard to pick out a favourite track. However, in one sense this is all about the resulting ambience created in your own space. The words contain a certain poetic justice delivering a sting in their tail, just as the music does.