Late Night Tales
Late Night Tales

Sometimes it’s better to listen to other people’s music rather than your own. Although thankfully Metronomy’s moving cover of Jean-Michel Jarre’s Hypnose is on hand to reward you alongside this neatly timed selection of gorgeous everything’s. From slow-burn soul and funk played out by the likes of Outkast and Tweet, the music proceeds to stroll through the tripped-out Jazz of Sun Ra Creative Partners and Chick Corea right on through to the breezy sounds of Alessi Brothers ‘Seabird’. Special mention for Mick Karn’s exercise in plucking sensual bass strings aka Weather The Windmill, and the beautifully sentimental 60’s nugget from Pete Drake called Forever. If this series has been switching you on, then Metronomy’s pleasure will be in continuing to do the same. In fact how could you fault Late Night Tales for bringing your attention to a generation of such wonderful music, chosen by artists such as these? Oh, and yes don’t worry, Paul Morley is there right at the end to finish off with the final part of his tales of the unexpected, Lost For Words.

release: Sept 3


No Feelings
Hidden Records

No, not the Sex Pistols song, but something as equally devilish sees our return to Hidden Records uniquely unrelenting fold. No Feelings is basically a thumping seven and half minutes of pure spine-tingling bliss – though not of the heavenly kind. Intrigued? Then check the video below. Roberto Capuano provides the frantic remix, while the furious Techno of remaining tracks Test Dummy and White Peony prove that sometimes music speaks louder than words.

release: Sept 7


Beto Cravioto & Whatever/Whatever
No Social Culture
Plant Music

Literally just received this and if you need something akin to a smile on a grey Friday evening then this shuffling Disco/ Funk infusion will provide the perfect antidote. Currently on available on vinyl but as digital downloads will appear next week thought it best to point you in the direction of this gem. The Original version loops a selection smooth Rhodes chords together with eighties party-time vocals and infectious bass notes, and is as instantly appealing as anything else I’ve heard recently. New York Dj Beto Cravioto’s debut release proves him one to watch, and the fact that the other part of the equation Whatever/Whatever is no less than the legendary Justin Strauss, along with Bryan Mette, merits anyone’s seal of approval.  The first remix is from Eddie Mars who gives it a bouncier, more modern flair, while Willie Burns New Beat Mix explores classic synths in an excited fashion, leaving the Richard Richard Remix to add a funky Balearic twist to the affair. Definitely happy!


Los Amigos Invisibles  & Dimitri From Paris
Gald To Know you
Gomma Records

Perennial favourite Glad to Know You by one time Blockhead Chaz Jankel was originally released way back in the early 80’s but has now been neatly updated by who better than Los Amigos Invisibles & Dimitri From Paris. In ways this captures the originals essence perfectly, although of course feels much heavier with its more contemporary production and fresh sounding vocals. An Instrumental is also supplied just in case you can’t handle the voice, along with Ray Mangs excellent Flying Dub which plays around with elements all over again.

release: Sept 9


Lee Walker
Good Times EP
two house recordings

This new Danish label sees Middlesbrough resident Lee Walker deliver what can only be best described as good House music with the aptly named Let The Good Times Roll. Based around its distinctive bass sound and an assortment of crisp tech beats this uncomplicated production never-the-less packs plenty in the way of dancefloor punch. Strangers, feels even more urgent with more in the way of hot bass action and accompanying deep chords adding some extra sparkle, leaving the darker tones TwoFiveOneSeven to complete an impressive EP.

release: Sept 4



Late Night Tales
(Late Night Tales)

I liked MGMT’s last album, Congratulations. The care-free, breezy melodies reminded me of fun times in the seventies and naming one song after Brian Eno also has to be a definite plus. You could say this 10th anniversary selection for Late Night Tales (one of the best compilations around by far) continues the theme by focusing on what influenced that same album. You get everything from melancholy to sheer intensity or to put that in band terms you get Suicide, Velvet Underground and Durutti Column, along with a range of equally pivotal artists and songs. You also get an exclusive version by MGMT of Bauhaus, All We Ever Wanted Was Everything and if you can handle the sorrow Dave Bixby’s late sixties, and somewhat self-explanatory ode, Drug Song. Don’t know about saving the best for last but always pays to pay attention to Paul Morely as he reads from the self-penned, Lost For Words it somehow feels strangely fitting. 9.

released 3 Oct 2011



Miguel Migs
‘Outside The Skyline’
Om Records/ Salted Music

You know you must be onto something when you listen to the first track on an album twice in a row. So here’s hoping that one of my favourite producers – star of Naked Music- lives up to expectations. And just looking at the credits you see the names Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, Bebel Gilberto and with the exquisite Lisa Shaw amongst many other notables prospects are obviously good. But then you just know this is going to be excellent, don’t you. From the down tempo Funk to up-tempo House – and by that I mean quality – this his third studio album never fails but to deliver a wealth of inspiration. You’ll love all the reference points and influences which come together under Migs’s school of exceptional production. Freddie McGregor even makes a welcome appearance on, They Don’t Know and just about every style worthwhile is represented with Georg Levin’s soulful tones finishing in heavenly fashion. 9

released 20 Spt 2011



‘Staying In’
Lazy Days

Is staying in the new going out? Couldn’t care less about the answer to that one, give us music like this and we’re happy. There’s no easy way to tell you this, but main track Staying In is f**king excellent. It touches neatly upon the classic House cut-up technique which when it works it works just like this. Explosive, joyous, uplifting are words to go…Second track, Life Live is a typically deep Shur-I-Kan production though eminently danceable whereas One Ten eases down the tempo into a luscious piano-led journey back to the nineties. Nice. 9

released Beatport 20 Sept 2011. everywhere else 4 Oct.



‘Schwung Ep’
Deep Edition Recordings

Amsterdam producer Maurits Verwoerd makes his second appearance on the label with this striking set of three tracks. Ad Rem kicks off in blistering fashion with an up-tempo foray into Tech related House that keeps the genre moving forward. An inventive production for sure this twists off-kilter keys against thumping beats and works a treat. Schwung, follows with a deep sub-based groove which again throws up aural surprises on its way, while Warmloper picks up the pace with open hats and warm pads until the chords progress onto the payoff. 8

release Beatport 3 Oct 2011. everywhere else from 17 Oct.