Frederick – Take My Hand EP – Lazy Day Recordings

It can be painfully apparent when music is this good as it transcends the dullness of everything else around it. Peter Oakden aka Frederick has produced something that is both soulful (in the real sense of the word) and yet challenging, vibrant. Understated drums and the gentle roll of keys create a questioning atmosphere for Take My Hand with which the emotive vocals fit perfectly in. The wonderful 6th Borough Project version then adds heavier kicks alongside Detroit flavoured basslines, all of which provide a warmer glow to the arrangement while retaining the essential essence. The chiming resonance of Looponic follows with deeper moods explored via the first-rate All Is Well edit, leaving the rigorous rhythms of Ruled By Fire to complete with a heady sequence of flashing keys and uplifting moments care of Selina Campbell’s soaring vocals.

Release: December 13


Shur-I-Kan – Singapore – Lazy Days Recordings

Listening to some Jazz on radio recently I was reminded about the sheer power that can be harnessed by simple piano chords. The organic nature of which it would be good to hear a lot more of, and soon. Such indeed as the opening bars contained in the title track of this new EP from Shur-I-Kan who conspires to infuse this excellent production with all manner of emotive notes and signatures that all at once fizz with atmosphere plus excitable energy. Or, to restate: this is music that transcends trends, defining its own space like a cross between the cinematic and classical, eventually contrasted by the sleazier intention of syncopated Hi-Energy basslines. All Things In Their Rightful Place, follows and again employs a vibrant range of motifs from African to Disco and beyond. Leaving, Kermits Lodge to complete with another tour de force in terms of musicality painting pictures, teasing out ever expanding rhythms. Positive perfection.