Reviews: 10

Timo Garcia
303 Lovers

Always exciting to hear from Timo Garcia and as this is delivered by 303 Lovers you can guess just what means! Based loosely around Sly Dunbar talking about the switch from analog to digital drum programming in Jamaica this splices the dividing line between melody and rhythm together perfectly. After lulling you into a false sense of security with its bass throbbing rhythm section warm yet off-set stabs are added to heighten the sense of occasion on the original version. The Kingston Mix then steps it up a gear, while DZeta N’ Basile provide a stunning remix by twisting the elements over a feverish House groove. 8

Available Beatport 16 Sept 11


‘Like Valley of Paradise / Star Lazer’

Heard this again one morning, as its just reappeared, and have to say it still sounds exceptional this afternoon. You may already be familiar with their excellent series of re-edits such as Talking Heads ‘This must be the place’ however this is the first single to be lifted from the imminent album – and if this is anything to go by, well you know the cliché by now. Stirring strings, mellow Rhodes and hallowed vocals elevate this to somewhere far beyond and I really can’t recommend it highly enough – certainly if you’re of a Balearic disposition. Meanwhile, Star Lazer sparkles spectacularly with euro-disco flair: think Koto and Cerrone and you’ll be in the right location. 9



Reviews: 9

Tom Flynn
‘Argentina EP’
Circus Recordings

The bad news is, its September. The good, well play this. Argentina spells carnival in bold letters as the title track displays Latino flair in abundance. Repeated guitar chords, crowd sounds and a big thumping drum beat. It’s that simple and yet that effective.  The intriguing Tiger Square, then pins together a selection of off-kilter ideas which really shouldn’t work together but somehow do, pitching a selection of cut-up voices and bizarre organ notes against a feast of punchy percussion. The sun is still shinning, really it is. 8


Reviews: 8

Various Artists
‘Celestial Recordings Chilled’
Celestial Recordings

There’s Chilled, there’s Tedious and then there is Boring. But thankfully being Celestial the music conspires to a heavenly quality with this admirable selection of alternative sounds. Like with all music the question is, does it cause an emotional response? And of course this does. Opening on the beach with Basement Jazz Ensemble’s gorgeously jazzy, Better Life the music meanders from the horizontal to the vaguely vertical, via the haunting ambience of Hichael Mareno to the Balearic funkiness of Downton’s Lemon Heaven. Think I might love Joelle Atkins, Hold On To Your Dreams most but then the even more apt, Chill It by Marco Loco makes it all too close for comfort. 9



Reviews 7

Magda, Marc Houle, Troy Pierce
‘Down & Out Vol 1′
Items & Things

Featured on their own label the trio continues its theme of off-kilter, imaginative music that isn’t afraid to get twisted. Opening with Troy Pierce, Majikal and a strident bassline which is abetted by upsetting electronics and insistent beats this isn’t sweet melody by any means. Fixation by Magda and Suade is next and its intense, almost acid lines are worked to fever-pitch by fiery percussion and dark voices most effectively. Marc Houle’s, Slowpe then eases the pace (relatively) with oddball horn sounds and more introspectively sequenced notes. 7

Release Date: Sept. 19. 2011


Lee Daines
‘Club Sex EP’
Deep Edition Recordings

A change in tempo can always be welcomed as Lee Daines return to Deep Edition indeed testifies. But much as I love the slow driving beats and deep grooves, on what is essentially a great instrumental, I’m just not sure about the vocal hook on Club Sex 808 – maybe its repetition will change on next listen. Ed Maddams provides the remix with warm jazzy Rhodes, classy strings and funky techno bass while not featuring the voice in the same way on his enticing version. Guys Got Dubs again attacks the senses with swinging percussion, punchy organ and repeated words to round off impressively. 7

Released Exclusively on Beatport 12th Sept 2011
All other stores from the 22nd September


Reviews: 6

Knee Tremblers ft. Keith Thompson
‘Sun Is Shining’
Open Bar/ Waking Monster

Don’t panic, yes it’s a cover (of sorts) of the now very familiar Bob Marley song but look below the surface and there’s a lot going on. For starters the Javi Lopez mix hits you hard with heavy tribal beats and sub-bass lines that lend themselves refreshingly well to this reggae cover which while being moody is also quite magnificent. The Doop Main Mix adds nasty drums and builds the mood with Pierre styled strings and increasing intensity, while the Max Martinez Tech Mix does just that with notably tough rhythms, crisp snare hits, and by cutting up the vocals in an extremely impressive fashion. 8



Baron Bane
Despotz Records

An album of three thirds. There’s the swoon section with the utterly sublime (single) Midthing which is tastefully punctuated by moody electro beats, classically trained strings and emotive sunset melodies. The final track, Need nearly falls into this category too, although doesn’t have the same impact. More conventional song structures ala Love Cure All follow with greater and lesser effect, although Sordid Eyes works pleasantly in a slightly off-kilter way. Then there’s even a hard rock guitar and la de da chorus to be had on Transience. A mixed up album but well worth the ticket for Midthing (8) alone. 6


Reviews: 5

‘7 am at elroy’
Mile End Records

Apparently inspired by the music played A.M at the Barcelona club of the same name (flight booked) its music like this which makes it all worthwhile. Shuffling percussion sets you up for the launch of one an almighty kick drum and is followed by possibly the best bassline I’ve heard all month! Again there are plenty of classic House music references to be had from the perky piano chords to the somewhat unsubtle ‘Can you feel it’ vocal to keep you hooked. Darius Syrossian then retains the bass, adds crisp hats and clap, plus a killer arrangement that works the piano to distraction. What else is there to be said, great remix. 9



Jini Cowan
‘Debut EP’
Axis Trax

Excellent debut from Manchester’s Jini Cowen and if this is anything to go by…
Opening track, Canyon is simply stunning with the deep bass combining with dreamy synths and atmospheric swirls to evoke somewhere between melancholy and ecstasy. An original piece of music for sure which is followed by the more dance floor orientated, Into The Deep and again has shimmering electronics conjure up future/ retro moods perfectly. The notable thing here is the organic feel to the music which doesn’t feel either too static or overly programmed. Plucker adds melody to the fuzziness and haunting notes while, Space Guitar rounds off with creative percussion and yet more juicy bass. 9
Available on Beatport August 29


Reviews: 4

Ryan Taubman
‘Back From The Moon’
DisFunktional Music

If you want to spend time trying to class this as techno, house, tech-house or whatever then please be my guest – sometimes it’s hard to figure that one out precisely. If on the other hand the words, syncopated bass and throbbing electronic beats are more to your liking then this is most definitely for you. This is Ryan Taubman’s second release for the label and once again it doesn’t disappoint with hypnotic twisted rhythms and off-kilter noise galore this proves to be rather irresistible. Danny Jay then turns out another fine mix by tweaking the elements and adding bleeps to his deeper take on, Back from the Moon. Random Encounter, almost feels accessible in comparison while, What Stays the Same moves back to deep and pounding with distorted notes and hot tribal voices. 8

released: 26/08/11



Luis Sastre
Pole Position Recordings

More tough grooves (good) this time from Toronto based Luis Sastre with what turns out to be the labels seventeenth release! Not sure if, Shakey refers to the earth shaking sub-bass or something else entirely but none the less this sounds monumental LOUD with tripped out voices and driving tribal rhythms scoring high with Magazine Sixty. Do One More, is possibly even better with yet darker sub, infectious percussion loops and insistent preacher vocals which quite literally twist the proverbial. Lovely. 9

Released Sept 5


Reviews: 3

Record Makers

T.E.E. aka Turzi Electronique Experience follows up his 2006 album Made Under Authority with this machine made masterstroke which joins the dots through the European experience from Eno to Kraftwerk and beyond. There’s something particularly emotive about this sequence of mood enhancing music whether that be the guitar highs of Croyance, or the echoes of Floyd on Enfance, or even on the space disco of Deviance this long player makes each journey a notable one. You could almost say this is an exceptional album, perhaps because it’s not trying to play anybodies game but its own, and while it’s always easy to guess at reference points, the bottom line here is the emotional response this music generates. 9

released: 26/09/11


Kraak & Smaak feat. Romanthony
‘Let’s Go Back’
Jalapeno  Records

‘Let’s go back, the future is the past’ clever lyric and one that says it all about this single which has been lifted from their recent third album, Electric Hustle. The breezy melodies of the album version are certainly accessible but in this case it’s the remixes which work best. It is of course great to hear Romanthony again after his handful of Azuli Records gems from the early nineties and both Chocolate Puma and Solomun do his voice poetic justice. The former by powerfully updating those sounds (reminiscent of Morales) with heavy beats and moody chords, and boy do the vocals sound good here. While the latter get dirty with rumbling basslines and epic electronics. A f**king good single then. 9



 Ruben F
‘Feel Good EP’
Deep Edition Recordings

Ruben F’s latest for Deep Edition makes you feel like being in a club with the lights down low with the speakers playing this loud and deep. The drums are irresistibly crunchy, the chords simple yet telling and the vocal tops it all off perfectly on the apt, Feel Good. Oh Yeah, follows in a similar vein until the unfeasibly funky bassline arrives mid-point and quite frankly has to be heard to be understood. Don’t Worry, gets tougher featuring some more neat vocal and a nagging organ coupled with fabulous percussion while, Making Love finishes off this excellent EP. One talented producer…9






Reviews: 2



Dana Ruh
‘Kickboxing EP’
Buzzin’ Fly Records

Always guaranteed to be tastefully executed Buzzin’ Fly once more delivers thoughtful music for your listening pleasure. If you’re already familiar with Dana Ruh’s Brouqade imprint then you will be pleased to hear four tracks go to make up this fine EP. Opening with a haunting vocal refrain Kickboxing then combines light and shade in equal measure through crisp drums and warm pulsating undertones, with the cumulative effect being a captivating piece of music which you may well lose yourself in. This, reworks Acid House for 2011 and of course references the past but still manages to feel funky and contemporary. What I’m Telling You returns to deeper atmospheres with another intense and expansive feeling production reaching over nine minutes. Leaving, That to perk things up again with more Acid overtones and classic sounding percussion injecting plenty of spice. 9




‘Cansolo EP’
Look Ahead Records


Brian Logstrup’s two tracker for Look Ahead Records continues the labels theme of good quality House music nicely. Cansolo has the sort of drums which were prevalent in the early nineties ie they swing! Indeed the whole thing feels like something from that era but then so much does these days, however the organ and techy bassline both join to produce an irresistibly funky affair which you can’t help but move too. Second track Mala feels more contemporary with soundtrack sounding speech adding to the tension building strings as the tough bassline and smart arrangement work extremely well together. Put it this way it was immediately replayed with the volume constantly going up…8






Reviews: 1

Various Artists
‘Hard To Find’
New State Music

Fair to say that this acts as a trip down memory lane that stretches beyond House music to Balearic gems such as It’s Immaterial ‘Driving Away from Home’ and features many ‘hard to find’ remixes which came to define the sound of the UK from the late eighties to the early nineties. The list of who was who reads like a dream from The Beloved to Leftfield to The Grid, and includes seminal versions by Andrew Weatherall  and David Morales amongst many others. This compilation plays for people who feel the need to relive their youth as much as it does for people yet to live it. Bill Brewster’s wise words provide the notes to accompany the two CD set on the first of much more to come (I hope). 9

Buzzin’ Fly Records

 Lisbon based producer Vahagns’ sultry infusion of deep bass and pounding four/ four beats fuse together perfectly to ignite Buzzin’ Fly’s aptly timed August release. Substitute the word deep for intense here as the undulating synth stabs build into some kind of ecstasy and then transform more subtly into acid tweaks. Hypnotic in the extreme this beautifully tuned instrumental exudes perfect pitch. Brouqade Records own Dana Ruh adds reverberated drums and old school claps to her uber cool take on the affair with second remix from Nick Chacona adding partial melodic sense to it all. 8


Ovi M
‘Lisum EP’

Deep yet twisted. Dark and definitely dangerous. Those are the only ways to fittingly describe Guvernment resident Ovi M’s excellent EP for Manchester Underground Music. Although of course hailing from Toronto the label is nothing if not cosmopolitan in scope. Opening with Ashfault, which immediately dispenses with formalities via heavy sub-bass, nasty drums and insistent voices this proves to be intense House Music for extremes. DJ Meri aka Cylon then takes it all to another level with all sorts of twisted sounds going off , while Lisum does much more of the same, as indeed does Marium, with the apt Links 2 Past finishing by touching on Sneak’s heavy-duty Disco.  9


Karol XVII & MB Valence
‘Vintage Box 3′
Loco Records

By my far my favorite in the series of sumptuous music from choice producers Karol XVII & MB Valence number three most effectively combines contemporary style with past influences. The interestingly titled Cottage Cheese Dumplings references jazzy keys and live sounding drums which give it a supremely funky feel perfect for the bar and/ or dancefloor, although preferably somewhere hot and sunny. The Rusty Piano features an almost Murk styled bassline for good measure and climaxes with a bizarrely oddball treatment of said piano. Muzzik then has the vocal of the same name add a human touch to commanding funky rhythms which again put you in mind of somewhere else, perhaps even the windy city.  8



‘Conviction EP’
Deep Edition Records

Hohle comprises of Leicester’s City Fly residents Kieran Clare and Lloyd Lindo along with notable sound engineer Francis Sevier. This feels like one the labels’ most accomplished releases to date on Martijn’s already quality imprint, so that’s probably saying something. The Original plays an infectious melancholy vocal over warm keys and pulsating rhythms all of which are undeniably impressive. Moodmusic’s Sasse provides an excellent remix packed with punchy beats and exaggerated claps driving the vocal once again to distraction and back. The Submantra version then picks it up with more energy injected into the drums and filtered vocal treatments, while Martijn’s own remix surpasses himself in terms of his creative use of sounds and their arrangement. 9


‘Spot The Difference’
Celestial Recordings

That’s the thing about House Music sometimes it doesn’t necessarily have to sound new to feel right. And in this case it scores on both points. If filtered tough repetitive grooves with uplifting sentiments are your style then this plays just for you. Same Difference comes as an Original plus a deeper Nohijo edit with both versions featuring more and less of the gorgeous trumpet. Rising Tides, not surprisingly, has as touch of the beach about it delivering shimmering atmospheres across tough beats while Daydreamer’s lovely pads and trippy voices feel dangerously close to retro to finish off this excellent release. 9



Diego B From SP
‘Backlash*Pecto EP’
Kult Records

As soon as the bassline hits you know this means business. Gentlemen of a certain age with a fondness for Giorgio Moroder will love the Electroviolin Mix of Pecto instantly as it transports you back and forth, to then and now, with sublime ease. Searing synths and irrepressible drums complete the picture on this almighty energetic instrumental. Backlash gets nasty with another storming succession of electro beats and harsh stabs leaving you little time to catch your breath… 9



Huggo Rizzo
‘Too Many Chiefs’
Kult Records

Holy s***t I love this. Following on the epic ‘Bring back the drums’ with Kobbe comes this latest for Kult. Subtlety isn’t exactly the strong point here as techno clashes with Huggo Rizzo’s undoubtedly twisted (that’s in a nice way) mind to produce this rollercoaster ride of electronic beats and original sounds, complimented of course by one almighty breakdown. There’s also the remix of Cytric ‘Filthy Beats’ with Unik which provides a quirky trip through more unexplained notes and another crazed breakdown. 9