Manuel Tur – Love Me Well EP – Freerange Records

Capturing the essence of uplifting this smooth combination of classic, filtered piano and breathy vocals works notably well, just as you would expect from Manuel Tur. Love Me Well sounds timeless in so far as the feelings it creates, although in other hands this formula could seem a little tired, however the producer gets it just right balancing past and present with an imaginative production that ignites smouldering bass alongside understated drums, plus a heavy dose of atmospheric release. Paperasse (below) follows suit via crisper tones with hints of smoky melodies evoking an equally mood enhancing piece of music that if anything is even more captivating than the title track. Leaving the robust low-end of Touch Move to channel 1980’s Chicago into future moves that prove to be both energised and tastefully introspective.

Release: April 29


Amberoom – RHIT EP – Ovum Recordings

This excellent release from the new collective formed by Manuel Tur, Adrian Hoffmann and Ramin Nouyan is simply stunning. RHIT begins with a blinding array of earthy, tribal based drum rhythms that capture the essence of movement and are eventually rewarded by the uplift of Latin-esque piano chords and jazziness. The even more outstanding, Hover follows with a hint of beautiful NEU! informing the synthesized atmospheres while the staccato bassline attacks the senses in all sorts of other ways – a great piece of music. Machine, then beats out more of those gritty feeling drums over a smooth funk of smart musicality, leaving a glorious Beatleass Guitar Mix of Hover to end on blissful, heavenly notes.



Alexis Raphael
Into the Light
Hot Creations

Love this. The capitals’ Alexis Raphael captures the invigorating sounds and feel of contemporary House music perfectly with this inspired production. Tempered by strident beats and deliciously dark sounding synths the arrangement sets you up for its fall into bassline nirvana, with a timely nod to early nineties vocal samples’ and a twist of infectious Disco toms into the bargain.  Hot Natured then proceed to deepen the bass and add edgy attitude to their sublimely powerful remix, as second track I Know feels almost church-like in comparison: with heavenly Organ cumulating in a succession of hypnotic handclaps and cheeky selection of yet more classic vocal lines… 9

release: April 23


Cesar Coronado
Crazy Position EP
Flumo Recordings

Cesar Coronado’s debut for the relocated Flumo label sees splashing 909 hats play off against nagging vocal snippets and cool fuzzy chords. Meanwhile, the impressive Atapy Remix gets funky with its Bass while playing pounding synthetic drums as it evolves into a creative collection of electronic notes and pads. However, it’s down to Ed Maddams Soul Dub to transform the mood of it all by breaking up the beats and adding excellent Jazzy tones to a particularly stinking sequence of events. Hats off, this is good. The Way I Feel About You replays another classic vocal from the 90’s over a suitably fashionable b-line to compliment it all stylishly. 8

release: April 24


Joss Moog
That old Feeling
Robsoul Recordings

Have to say I made the mistake of underestimating this when I first heard it. But, much to my delight it’s all you could hope for and more from Parisian Joss Moog, whose distinctive selection of influences hits all the right buttons. Slinky bass and infectiously funky percussion effortlessly work their way into your consciousness as Motown inspired voices and moody chords do all the rest. That Old Feeling:  simple and yet totally effective. As indeed is, Xtra Bass which again plays a collection of beats and breaks as smooth dancefloor filler. The much perkier, That’s What UR follows by adding Disco flavour and the 70’s party-time inflections of Blue Paradise complete. 8

release: April 20


Manuel Tur
Swans Reflecting Elephants

You will be well familiar with Manuel Tur reading Magazine Sixty so it’s a definite pleasure to be introducing you to his new, and second, album for Freerange. Both label and artist espouse certain qualities when it comes to the music they release and thought-provoking tracks such as new single, High Needs Low are a perfect case in point. From heavy-duty deepness to more spacious atmospheres the curiously titled album (via Salvador Dali) never fails but to thrill you with its exploration of ideas about sound and their possibilities. That may sound a touch pretentious but on songs like, Maybe Next Lifetime featuring BlakKat you can get the general idea.  The cinematic collages continue through the uncertain repetition of, Mirrors and on the eerily perfect, Just Love with Elina Monova – whose probing use of vocals lifts the music above and beyond. 8

release: April 23

Album Launch Party May 4 at Junction Room (London)


Various Artists
Baker Street 5th Anniversary
Baker Street Recordings

Superlative Leeds based label Baker Street celebrates its five years in existence with this collection of choice moments from its past, complimented by a selection of new remixes pointing towards the future.  Split over two CD’s, with the initial featuring the new versions, let’s start with the second as it opens with Matthias Vogt’s killer remix Paul Hardy’s Swirl  – which just so happens to be a favourite from last year. All the labels stalwarts are present here from Moodymanc to Jay Shepheard and Baker Street’s distinctive twist on American House music plays out fluently flitting between moods and instrumentation. The remix CD then comes care off the likes of Murray Richardson, Martijn and also includes the spectacular Lo Tech Remix of Lie To Me, so you know what quality to expect. 8

release: April 23

Free Album Mix


Basement Story
Sirion Records

Opening with the breezy, Jazz Cafe the album develops its theme with titles like the succinctly funky standout cut, Disco On The Dancefloor and cruises through everything from deeper to techy territory with ease. Although, it’s not always as straight forward as that may sound due to the colourful use of styles which are playfully incorporated into the mix: a hint of Jazz here, a touch of Ska there.  But that’s precisely what makes Basement Story quite so enjoyable. The album also includes a couple of bonus remixes and ends on the down-tempo orchestration of, The Black Cat Gismo for the sheer hell of it. 7

release: April 24



‘People With Bullets EP’
Foliage Records

Gorgeous four tracker from Germany’s Foliage imprint breathes fresh impetus into the matter of deep. Title track People With Bullets features the emotive voice of Nombongo whose spoken message delivers thought provoking words over cool jazzy Rhodes inflections. Manuel Tur provides the remix with classic arpeggio’s creating an electrifying atmosphere against a backdrop of pumping afro-beats and mood enhancing keys. Next, The Guest explores more heavy bass with sumptuous pads repeating tastefully in the background, while a selection of impressive electronic sounds are realized in the fore. Final track, Dj’s For Free lifts the mood with splashing hi-hats, a funky b-line and happier feelings. 8


Evren Ulusoy
‘Les Grands Rythmes’
Green Mono Music Studio

One track, four versions. The Original mix blends a selection of undulating tech chords together with heavily treated voices and sounds creatively hypnotic and funky in equal measure. Music to possibly lose yourself in. Remixes begin with Sezer Uysal who picks up the tempo with fuzzy synths and an enticing euro bassline which you will want to replay immediately. Gai Barone then applies a techno equation to an awe-inspired production that plays with moods and its arrangement in epic fashion. Finally, Ed Lee returns to the deep with moody organ chords offset against a touch of boogie bass and more of those dark sounding voices to finish off this striking set. 8




‘Wish You Were Here’
Sonar Kollektiv

Wish You Were Here feels like Micatone are playing just for you in the comfort, or otherwise, of your very own front room. At least that’s how Lisa Bassenge & her band sound as the recorded live album reveals itself to be comfortably homely, yet soulfully organic, the more you play with it. All the cornerstones of music provide their influence here with the bluesy moments such as on the bittersweet Pearl Diving shining torch like, while other rhythms breathe breezily on the likes of Asian Man, and even achieve dizzying euro-Disco heights on Gun Dog. You know you’re in good company as typically guests also make appearances, notably from Air’s live drummer Earl Harvin and from Calexico/ Nada Surf trumpeter Martin Wenk. You could say this album has hidden depths if you like, but at the very least it has a timeless quality with its retro-sounding soul/ jazz etc and classically styled songs hitting all the right notes in all the right order. 8


Micatone – Step Into The Gallery by SonarKollektiv




Louie Fresco
‘So Good E.P’

Mexico’s Louie Fresco has not only produced one of the most tense intro’s so far this year (albeit only two minutes, nineteen seconds long) but also successfully spins Sylvester’s timely words of wisdom off a deliciously heavy-duty bassline with life-affirming electricity. If all that feels life a bit of a mouthful, then trust me by listening to the track – volume up. Plus with an added bonus, So Good also has a cowbell! Next is the Russ Yallop Remix which coolly builds up more profound feelings with insanely looped voices and undulating deep tones complimenting each other most compellingly. The curiously titled Owl Night finishes with yet more sinister bass notes and cut-up vocals designed to cause serious consternation, which it also does amply well. 9


Manuel Tur
‘Back To Me’

On so to a more melodic note which seemingly samples something so beautifully familiar I can’t quite remember what it is. None the less Manuel Tur’s sublime production conjures up various sorts of emotion – all of them positive – as this Balearic infused delight sits perfectly on Freerange with temptingly breathy vocals and swirling pads all feeling gorgeous. The Jimpster Dub retraces the elements in typically deep style with a flurry of striking touches being suitably impressive. Next, Odsidian gets tougher and moodier with almost Rock drumming sounding big alongside acid tones and twisted vocals, while the Damiano Von Erckert remix adds a techno flavor to the equation. Watch out for his forthcoming album: Elephants Reflecting Swans sometime in late April. 9

release: 19 March 2012


Franck Roger & Terence: Terry
‘This Is Now’ E.P
Real Tone Records

The name which has, I think, appeared here more often than not is Franck Roger who along with Terence:Terry once again gets the thumbs up with this thoughtful Deep House production. The words to the opening Hustling Peoples do just that with its rumbling bassline and addictive synth lines adding extra sparkle to the seemingly moody vocal. The title track follows with organ bass and some poignant fx filling the spaces in-between, leaving the excellent Beaucoup La Fete to complete the release by frequenting the sounds of Chicago to Detroit yet all the while feeling fresh and original – not always an easy feat. 8

release: 15 February on Traxsource & Beatport


Sid Vaga
Wonderwheel Recordings

What a way to finish! As Sid Vaga’s explosive workout in Latin catches all the rays of rhythm going with sassy piano and vocals playing the party out in style. It may not be rocket science but the Original mix certainly works in terms of expressive energy and also contains some extra cool percussion and guitar flair. The d’sol Remix turns it all on its head with a much deeper interpretation that explores the more subtle elements (if you can believe that) in the original, especially and thankfully the emotive guitar and wind instrumentation all of which really strikes the perfect note to end on. 8

release: 15 February 2012


for inspiration Joe Bataan ‘Latin Strut’ (1974)