Mike Kiraly – Si Mani Revisited / We Get Messed Up – Loot Recordings

Mike Kiraly’s brilliantly messed-up production is all at once inescapably funky yet defiantly probing, pushing forward House while also qualifying as an excellent, creative piece of music. Its strange and startling array of sound effects rush across the stereo while vocal hits punch at you amid robust bass and drums. A great production that always seeks to excite and challenge. Martin Landsky supplies the remix of Si Mani Revisited reworking and replaying the elements while delivering a tougher groove from which hot Detroit stabs are soon evolving. The aptly named We Get Messed Up follows with more twisted vocals doing your mind some aural damage as a wealth of ideas are injecting into what is a supremely funky arrangement. Again I can’t help but hear a Talking Heads influence in there somewhere yet this remains resolutely original – compliment! Robin Fett then remixes adding a more sane combination of deep keys and pounding bass.

Release: March 30




Martin Landsky – Being Me EP – Poker Flat Recordings

Striking the right chords for the closing in of the winter hours is just what Martin Landsky’s smouldering title track does in earnest. However, it’s almost as much about the striking cowbell as it is about the magical concoction of darkly, brooding pads, deft bassline and unnerving voices. A Dub version follows allowing the buzzy stabs space to roam, leaving the probing tones of Norway to finish on an equal high.